Waited over a year for this to sell on EBAY

Waited over a year for this to sell on EBAY

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Link to box resizers – will be back in stock soon if sold out.

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700 ft. Bubble Wrap:

LED Shop Lights in my shed:

LED Panel Lights: https://amzn.to/2XbpOzv

Tape: https://ebay.to/2UGGrhq

4x4x8 Boxes: https://ebay.to/2Od6IS2

Dymo 4XL Label Printer: https://amzn.to/2Wb3i53

Vinyl Mailers I use (12.5×12.5 type)


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42 Thoughts to “Waited over a year for this to sell on EBAY”

  1. you may have answered this in past videos, but why do you have two different ebay stores?

  2. If its not listed on ebay or big cartel……..it's not for sale!

  3. Part time picker always puts his smaller boxes in envelopes. lol

  4. Lonnie you been killing it lately on ebay. 😎πŸ–₯πŸ‘

  5. Holly crap balls, YOUR GONNA CLEAN!!! Stop the madness. I'll bet you did NOT clean…..

  6. What’s the longest time to had something on eBay. To sale

  7. Once again how can you ship 2 action figures for $9.50 but you're shipping 41 locks that must weighed 20 lb for $7

  8. I like that star wars clock is that 4 sale

  9. What size shed are you working in? Looking to move my resell business out the house now

  10. Hey Lonnie, Your YouTube award sign is not straight again. Please leave it that way, I like how it will bother all the perfectionists out there. LOL

  11. QUESTION: how often can you run sales – thought its restricted to after 7 days since the last

  12. Hey Lonnie, I sold a stainless steel whisky flask today for $15, paid $2. I don't know if you've ever sold these but they're on my "See it, Grab it" list. Every time I list one of these they sell in about a week.

  13. My man, Lonnie! Thank you for the helpful content! I watch your shows to get my day started πŸ˜‚, just to get that β€œCha Ching” feeling going. Very motivational! Thanks!

  14. Question – Can ebay take down listings when a seller lies about their location? I'm in the UK and i'm fed up of buying items that have "UK stock" on the picture, just to wait weeks for it to find it has come from China of Hong Kong

  15. N A S A: Never A Straight Answer

  16. Hey Lonnie, I just bought a huge lot of NES games. Gonna do well on them, but I was wondering how long the bad titles sat for you when you bought that NES lot a while back? Thanks

  17. Where can I look at ur listings?

  18. Lonnie, when are you going to expand your shed, or maybe a shed build-on, or a second attached shed with a nice hidden book shelf passage between the two? Now that would be fun video. πŸ™‚

  19. Your little cha-ching intro always teases me when I hear it, and I'm not paying attention to the video!😝

  20. Deep Impact. One thing that stands out for me about that movie is that they filmed some highway scenes in Virginia (around Manassas I think) and living here in the DC area (and also being involved in community theater at the time) I know a few people who were extras in those highway scenes. The scenes called for a traffic jam on the highway so the call for extras had people show up with their car. From the acquaintances I talked to about their experience they had them lined up in their cars had them start their engines drive at some set speed for like 20 seconds, drive some more back up to reshoot, drive some more or stop, or get out of their cars and on and on all sorts of back and forth driving some, being in the stopped "jam" situation, backing their cars up for a reshoot, rinse and repeat ad nausium.

  21. "don't do that, you'll go to jail" had me rolling because of the sarcasm just for the youtube comment section. I see you Lonnie. I see you.

  22. Hi Lonnie love your channel Question: Are you guna get some of that stimulus money for your small business?

  23. Lonnie: it doesn't look like you did MUCK cleaning. LOL

  24. Hey Lonnie I talked to my post master recently and she said that you can put a priority box in a Priority padded flat rate but not in a regular padded for first class

  25. Amazing video! Thanks for answering my question!

  26. Thank you for the great content. I just started a separate account on Instagram to document my journey @TheTampaBayPicker. I am not brave enough at this point to document it on YouTube. Keep up the great sales.

  27. I know some friends who used a priority mail box and wrapped it in polymailers and shipped it fedex. πŸ₯΄

  28. Thanks very much for sharing Lonnie, always enjoy watching your videos bud, excellent video mate

  29. His video quality is insane.

  30. Shipping question: Do you have USPS/UPS/Fedex to pick up your shipment or drop them off at their location? Pros and cons?

  31. Lonnie hope you're doing well..wanted to ask if you can show us (begginers) how to print a label for poly mailers?

  32. Hey Lonnie. When filing an insurance claim with Fedex or USPS, can you include the price of shipping in the claim?

  33. Lonnie: Signs arnt for sale
    Garage Sale Lonnie: Man… Could you do all of them for $20?

  34. Legend Has It That Lonnie is the best Youtuber

  35. Well sell that stuff on the wall, it’s just taking up space lol

  36. Please put more box knife in your store.. I need a few for my company

  37. Great video Lonnie πŸ‘ seeing as people want to buy your signs & headphones is your shed for sale and can you ship it to the uk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  38. omg, you were watching my videos in the background. o wait that wasn't me, lol.

  39. QUESTION: What's your favorite Nu Wave band?

  40. Sounds like Candice likes to give you really cool gifts. I would keep her if I were you. LOL!!! Have a great day

  41. First here? πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

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