Visiting Santo Dominigo | Things To Do In Dominican Republic

Visiting Santo Dominigo | Things To Do In Dominican Republic

It your first time in Santo Domingo as first time traveler and you are looking for things to do in Dominican Republic but there one problem. You don’t know. In this video I talk about many things you can do as a first time traveler or even a returning traveler to Santo Domingo. From Dominican Culture, to shopping, Santo Domingo nightlife, and more. Enjoy!

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26 Thoughts to “Visiting Santo Dominigo | Things To Do In Dominican Republic”

  1. Santo Domingo is an amazing city in Dominican Republic. It's also the biggest and busiest. There so many things to do for people looking for cultural, a city vibe, and nightlife. As a first time traveler this video will help you plan your next trip to Dominican Republic. Enjoy. Watch some of my other videos on Dominican Culture here

  2. Are you still planning your event in the fall?

  3. We can’t to go back this summer , hope everything going back .

  4. We went Mixer Bar and Lounge. Very nice at Santo Domingo

  5. Hola norberis,espero que estes bien,a acabo de ver un video de Taylor dreams y no se que le pasa a este tipo,últimamente se la pasa hablando mal del pais, de las mujeres domi icanas,etc,creo que lo que el esta haciendo no está bien,hay un grupo de dominicanos que le estamos dando seguimiento a estos señores que están hablando muy mal de nuestro pais,ya nos comunicamos con yadira Marte y manny solano entre otros naciónalistas para tomar carta en el asunto,te estoy dejando saber porqué creo que Taylor dreams dijo que mañana va a hacer un video junto contigo, por favor,ten cuidado con este tipo de youtubers, porque nos están maltratando verbalmente en nuestro pais,y no es aceptable… dice en sosua que por medio a este señor fue que vino a sosua un nigeriano que mato a una muchacha Dominicana, no se si es verdad,pero nada me sorprende……cuidate

  6. I can’t wait to go, when the quarantine is lifted. I was planning on going to Sousa, which one do you think is better?

  7. Norberis, you forogot about Agora Mall

  8. I want beach side private massage spa

  9. Hello👋🏾I can’t wait to get back over there ; mucho tranquilo😎stay safe young lady🌹

  10. Great Info Norberis R. I haven’t been to Santo Domingo since the 90’s but will definitely make it my business to visit in the near future✌🏾 & Blessings

  11. I’d love to visit and go to some of these malls and clubs, but it’s impossible to travel these days with this virus situation going on 😔😩

  12. Una rosa 🌹 para una mujer hermosa ❤️😊

  13. Another great video keep them coming

  14. Great information. So valuable.

  15. I can't wait to get there! Looks like I will have so much fun. For the first time should I come by myself or bring my lady.

  16. I’m supposed to be there in July, for the first time. I just pray everything will be open and ready by then. Thanks for the info

  17. It looks very beautiful I will visit it one day.

  18. Good info, thanks. Will definitely check out these spots.

  19. Love your content Norberis always informative!

  20. Gracias por toda su información. Siempre eres edificante, eres hermosa por dentro y por fuera. Hope all is well God bless.😇

  21. I've been to 5 cities in DR so far and not Santo Domingo, I got to get it together! 🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. I should come and see you. Lol

  23. Always great Norberis.

  24. thanks so much for the valuable info cant wait for the country to reopen

  25. This is great food for thought, I'm going to wait until you announce your "Greet N Meet" Itinerary for later this Fall :-)… #GotMeThinking #Hotep

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