Views on the Economy Crisis, Quarantine & Fake News (Gary Vee, Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone) | #WithMe

Views on the Economy Crisis, Quarantine & Fake News (Gary Vee, Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone) | #WithMe

In the light of the global epidemic of coronavirus, covid-19, we are sharing with you some views on the economy crisis, quarantine and fake news! #WithMe

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29 Thoughts to “Views on the Economy Crisis, Quarantine & Fake News (Gary Vee, Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone) | #WithMe”

  1. Take heed that mo man deceive you

  2. Newly subscribed… Amazed by the content but also how Evan replies to everyone commenting.. So worth subscribing

  3. it's always good
    to watch your content 😇👍

    i'm newbie on YouTube
    i'm from 🇮🇩 Indonesia

    thanks 😊

  4. Very important video. Things become intense during times of global uncertainty. What is important to remember is to steady your course and don’t loose faith in your intuition. A phrase I made,” Fear is Healthy but Panic can get you Killed.” Thanks again Evan

  5. Hey Evan, in this information age which are the top skills makes as more rich faster…

  6. I am a big fan of 'Evan Carmichael' who always posts inspiring videos; this video is one of those I was looking for since we are living in a hard situation. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Yeah yeah yeah. That old man need to have several seats. Lets not forget that the conservatives are usually the ones who do nazis stuff not the left wing. Look at the right wing protesters and see nazis flags. But you can keep worshiping donald trump and see the economy get worse during the election while trump is in office. You cant blame obama for that. Obama's been out of office for 3 years.

  8. I'm using this quarantine to the fullest! Just started my channel where I use to not have time to work on it! It's been a blessing in disguise and I'm commited to make the best of it!

  9. Like going to a used car lot from your home

  10. As always great content!
    This video also saying us if we don't come out of this quarantine with a new skills and more knowledge, you never lacked time, you lacked discipline.

  11. Thanks Evan,
    This video is giving strength…

  12. Hey m.r Evan,
    First of all, I just wanna tell you that I really appreciate your work. You really changed my life in a positive way. But you know I am a 14-year-old
    and I am struggling a lot to learn a particular skill. I can not sign in to online courses because obviously, I don't have a lot of money. So, can you make a video about how to can I teach myself a skill the quickest way possible? ( sorry for my bad english_)

  13. This is a hard lesson and experience, but it is a human problem that we have to work out. I had eight dead, and one hundred sixteen infected in my country and the consequence is a reality of tough times.

  14. True message. The money virus is doing Overdrive already. Famine of many issues are rising. Money, families, material possessions, & so much more. they will lose. Homeless families around the corner. Education is being part of the Famine. Yet Monies are at the Top of the Famine in the USA. Money Today does not go NO further than the loaf of bread which is almost $4.00 a loaf in many places. I remember when a loaf of bread was 10 cent a loaf. It was a Long Loaf of Bread. Famine is Present Today!!!!! Look Around!!!!!!

  15. What makes you so scared and hyped-up? This so-called evidence-videos just calmed my heart, all of them paints me as an advanced hacker that, world-wide financial cybercrimes with and without a global connection to international criminals. CNBC News claims that I knowingly collected enormous treasures in Silicon Valley, my activity may have been able to collect treasures, but if so, I didn't know anything about such wealth. Yes, after 5-year adventures on state fees, I decided that I wanna try to free myself from the never-ending circle.

    No, I am calm. I trust my local doctors, nurses helpers, friends, and family above all.

  16. Find out what people won't do and do it.

  17. Extremely relevant and definitely recommend people taking the time to watch this. Appreciate the upload Evan 👊 #staystrong

  18. hi evan i really like ur efforts

  19. I just lost my job because of the quarantine so I started a YouTube channel, I posted 8 videos the last 8 days I started and I got 130 subscribers now!! I followed Garrys advice posting as much as I can.

  20. Laugh at the present, i like that

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