Via Trading Pallet Unboxing – Massive Amount of Toys – Huge Score! – Online Re-selling

Via Trading Pallet Unboxing - Massive Amount of Toys - Huge Score! - Online Re-selling

I unbox this huge pallet from Via trading! it has so many toys. I am super excited about this one! I should make good money.

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This is the link to via trading.
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Via Trading
2520 Industry Way, Lynwood CA 90262

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25 Thoughts to “Via Trading Pallet Unboxing – Massive Amount of Toys – Huge Score! – Online Re-selling”

  1. I love the toy pallets they carry at via trading, but honest opinion I think they’re overpriced. At $450 for each pallet (obviously more if you get it shipped) it’s more of a risk of losing money or barley making any profit. I bought 2 last time, one pallet was really good and the other toy pallet was trash. Overall I personally would not buy any toy pallets from via trading again unless they lower their prices on them. But hopefully you made a good profit on this purchase.

  2. Love the toy pallets and the long videos!

  3. "Hey listen here (while gun backwards)" 🤣❤🤣❤🤣❤🤣❤

  4. "A missing shoe and a dirty foot" hahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤👍

  5. Love all the great toys … looks like I could have fun for hours playing😀

  6. Haha love how you play with the toys…I mean test them. Wink wink. I would do the same too lol

  7. The warehouse troll is Clayface from Batman I think. It might be a Funko Mystery Mini.

  8. Would you be willing to sell a bunch of the Our Generation stuff in a lot? My daughter has a birthday coming up and she is obsessed with 18 inch dolls and that stuff is expensive!

  9. Great pallet! Do you just call and see if the toy pallets are available? I never see any listed
    on their website.

  10. by the way the Taboo game is an "Adult Game" Happy mothers day

  11. That Poe Dameron helmet is a great score!

  12. Love to get the Dinosaur please

  13. That warehouse troll is Sandman from Spider-Man.

  14. That Star Wars helmet belongs to Luke Skywalker.

  15. Title-list lol clearly you don't golf

  16. Love the Our Generation outfits. Can't really get them in the UK.😍

  17. WHy can't I find anything good on Via Trading??? ugh…

  18. Ur little troll is clayface from adventure

  19. I like it when you say you are short. I am 5 feet tall. I think I'm shorter. How tall are you?

  20. Any one else getting sick of that toy

  21. Dont sell the Rexcelsior. Its getting discontinued. However, if you decide to sell it hit me up id buy the Rexcelsior right now.

  22. Damaged product yes, is this a good pallet still, yes yes and yes! I know my opinion mite not count but if that were my pallet i would not do mystery boxes. Instead, i would make bulk boxes for new resellers that mite be having a hard time finding inventory. Open to everyone of course but id want those boxes to go to resellers. Prices from 200.00-300.00. 400.00 max. Many of you dont know me but i do bulk boxes profitable boxes & im telling you making bulk boxes for resellers right now, is a better way to go & sell them on HOP. I cant keep boxes on my profile. They sell quick so as of now id make bulk boxes for resellers. Especially the legos, you have so many you could really bless new resellers or resellers and plus they are quick to take pics and quick to list so your saving them on their hourly time as well. ( i personally save my legos till Christmas no matter what even bad lego sells for better money at Christmas time ) Great pallet guys & Happy Mommy Day!

  23. Right in the forehead!😂

  24. Happy Mother’Day. Love your channel

  25. Those helmets will prob sell really good right now as alot of bike related stuff are getting hard to find in stores right now

    You could also sell that 100 pack of ballpit balls and the Mickey blowup pit as a bundle as many times parents end up buying more balls to fill it up

    And so many items you can easily sell by bundling together.

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