Using Brickseek To Source Online Arbitrage / Retail Arbitrage in 2019

Using Brickseek To Source Online Arbitrage / Retail Arbitrage in 2019

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Hey whats up – today we dive into Brickseek and view how it shows us premium deals and how to scan around to find high profit margin items for online arbitrage and retail arbitrage.

List of 24 Products to find on Brickseek and flip – (enter 0 for price)

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Retail arbitrage hands down is the best way to find high ROI items due to the nature of clearance and how they mark items down. If you are ungated in phone cases highly recommend scanning the clearance phone cases at Walmart, Marshalls, Target, and Office Depot / Office Max. However, avoid selling Otterbox (brand will send cease and desist.)

Brickseek is amazing at improving the amount of time spent doing Retail Arbitrage in 2019 by bringing everything you need into one place where you can view everything on computer such as RevRoi, JungleScout, and Keepa Charts.

Online arbitrage can be easily done with Brickseek as well. Was able to grab 4 items from Best Buy for about $322 and expect to see around $500 in profit with everything landed (shipping, and other fees already figured into the $500) and these were deals found inside the Online Deals portion of Brickseek.

Huge fan of the Brickseek update and also am looking forward to the possibility of an integration by another product scanner to increase profitability and time efficiency in Online arbitrage and retail arbitrage


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32 Thoughts to “Using Brickseek To Source Online Arbitrage / Retail Arbitrage in 2019”

  1. Check out the latest video I did here with brickseek – includes list with products to flip locally –

  2. I use to find good deals and discounts and it is also good . I think

  3. Top cash back is a whole scam

  4. What is that gnarly tool on amazon that calculates ROI? I need that.

  5. You simply do not know how to explain how Brickseek works. Your example were unclear.. NOT once did you show ONE item, then show how to check 1 Walmart location and then how you proceed with purchasing it. NOT good. Practice before you start.

  6. Are we allowed to use the same pictures off the websites amazon/Walmart if we try and resell on eBay or do we need to get our own pictures to avoid any problems? What do you do?

  7. Why are you paying sales tax at Walmart??

  8. Just Subscribed. Tfs this Great Info.

  9. Hey where did that roi calautor u use on xbox controller.

  10. Brickseek is only as reliable as the area you live it. If you live in certain areas, they don’t get the major markdowns. Also, the Walmart’s in my area keep terrible stock so brickseek is never reliable. I’d recommend people sign up for a month and see if you’re having luck finding the things on brickseek. If not it’s a waste of time chasing items that aren’t actually there in the store.

  11. How do you find out if you are gated? Also what is the program you mentioned, REV? Looking for a side hustle and so far I do well reselling locally used and new products. I appreciate the help.

  12. Looking forward to your videos on Online and RA.

  13. Awesome video. Need to make some more. Not sure if this is your channel. When I went to it, I saw other videos that I was not sure if you had created them. Awesome though.

  14. thanks for your video – if reselling on amazon, how do you protect yourself from brands or competitors that want to hurt resellers by sending ip claims and counterfeit claims? how do you do this safely to resell these great deals for arbitrage?

  15. I went to WM as brickseek showed a particular store they had a computer for $69.00 at that particular store , the clerk
    Said it was $ 279.00 . She thought I was nuts and walked away laughing. WTF is going on. The only one making
    Money on this BS is Brickseek.

  16. Been using this for a couple of days. I have premium subscription. Cannot find a single deal listed on brickseek. Will probably give this another week.

    So far its been a waste of time and resources. Its listing items that certain store do not carry and will never carry. Im seeing a lot of excuses with no solutions in sight. A lot of their reasons why brickseek is so inaccurate is they blame it on retailers and their employee.

    We’ll see I guess.

  17. A C

    Thanks bro!! I just found direct tv remotes online and pick up for $6…. 30000 rank and resell for $39/ bought four. Up $100 in 10 mins. Appreciate You for doing this! now time to gear up and quit this FT bullshit

  18. New to all of this. Lots of great info. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Thank you for the video bro. But what about trademark or other registered issue problems? How can we decide whether the product is safe or not for our seller account health?

  20. How do you get the drop down to show you your ROI and fees?

  21. Sweet video! You sold me on upgrading my Brick Seek. Lol.

  22. Good video ! Thank you for the insight. I've been to brickseek a handful of time but never thought to use many tabs to speed up the process that's a good trick !

  23. So every product I go to get at the store ends up being full price. I went for the hp chrome book you talk about. The store had two in stock yet the price was 279.99 not 69.99 which was displayed on BS.

  24. If you hold command when you click the links they'll automatically open in a new tab. Will make that faster.

  25. Damn why are youtubers always giving out these secrets? Makes it harder and harder.

  26. I haven’t been able to find anything in stores that Brickseek says they have. I’ve tried dozens of products. Most recently, BS said a store had 51 of an item. None in the store. Employees couldn’t find them either.

  27. What's the extension you're using at 4:11 called?

  28. Are the "online" deals ever any good?? Or mostly just use it for retail arbitrage??

  29. What is the name of the extension/app you are using to calculate your profit on Amazon?

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