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Updraftplus Setup Tutorial – Best Free WordPress Backup Plugin

Updraftplus Setup Tutorial – Best Free WordPress Backup Plugin

Learn to set up the best free WordPress Backup plugin, in just a few minutes! This Updraftplus setup tutorial makes it easy. Also check out the pro version here ➡️ https://ideaspot.com.au/UpdraftPlus

Having a good, reliable set of backups is one of the most important steps to maintaining the security of your site. You don’t want to risk losing months or even years of work if something happens to your site and you lose data!

You will quickly see why UpdraftPlus is the most popular choice for WordPress backups.

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26 thoughts on “Updraftplus Setup Tutorial – Best Free WordPress Backup Plugin

  1. Nice tutorial but, man, all that quick circling with your cursor makes me dizzy.

  2. Thank you. Searching for this

  3. This is great! Thanks my friend! Very helpful.

  4. how do I get rid of updraft. I deleted it ,but it's still backing up my blog. It's using too much resources and my blog is timing out.

  5. Very good explanation! Thank you!

  6. I'm just getting started with my website and hosting with A2 hosting. I wanted an additional form of independent backup and this video is definetely all I needed. Thank you so much for putting this up. Sending joy to you all the way from Nigeria.

  7. please tell me how can i get the old Backup for my website ?

  8. Very useful introduction! Thank you Alex!

  9. Thank you for teaching me how to navigate and use UpDraftPlus. I use the pro account. I needed to study to really understand. This video helped me.

  10. updraft vs codeguard whats the difference?

  11. So if I accidentally broke the code of my website and I can't access to my dashboard I have to install WordPress and this plugin again and then restore?

  12. How about restoring 1.6GB database? Is it possible in real world? 7GB files also?

  13. Excellent tutorial – I really like the length of your tutorials – not too long/not too short – just right

  14. Just perfect, thank you so much for helping me

  15. Hi, I have used this plugin on many sites, however the retrieval success rate is low, it is better to save a database with all in one migration, add the additional plugin for larger sites. Then you can do a clean install from the offline backup.

  16. hi sir
    i need your help, i have a domain which is working fine, and its wordpress admin is also working fine but when i click on my appearence customize option so it move my all wordpress to an indian blog website i do not know what is this. can you help me in this ?

  17. It's weird to see Microsoft listed as being a user of Updraftplus because Microsoft.com is not built with WordPress.org.

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