UNDISCLOSED SPONSORSHIPS on INSTAGRAM | influencers doing shady ads part 2 the remix

UNDISCLOSED SPONSORSHIPS on INSTAGRAM | influencers doing shady ads part 2 the remix

my original undisclosed sponsorships video: https://youtu.be/p7RzrEZNYnw

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nah i’m good lol

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Q: What is your ethnicity?
A: I’m half Japanese and half European.
Q: What shades of foundation do you wear for reference?
A: My best shade matches are Too Faced Almond, Anastasia Beverly Hills 210N, Fenty 140, and Tarte Fair-Light Neutral.
Q. What is your skin type?
A. Dry to normal, sensitive!
Q. What do you do for a living?
A: I’m a full-time pre-med student pursuing my bachelor’s at UCLA. YouTube is my part-time job.

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26 Thoughts to “UNDISCLOSED SPONSORSHIPS on INSTAGRAM | influencers doing shady ads part 2 the remix”

  1. update: Amanda did disclose her fresh beauty post using the new paid promotion tool. Disregard that one.

  2. Isabel bedoya has me blocked on Instagram 😅

  3. I'm so glad that I discovered your channel, I love all your videos and have been binging them all week! I hate when influencers pretend these super unsubtle ads are foolng ANYONE, like sis, please

    Also, unrelated but what is that gorgeous lip color on you? I NEED IT

  4. I was just thinking about how in colombia people straight up giveaway boobjobs on instagram in exchange for a discount on their surgeries.

  5. One of the absolute worst (who NEVER discloses) is Amrezy. She has at least 10 posts a week that are undisclosed sponsorships.

  6. Your hair like this👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  7. People are so brazen. It isn't just big content creators doing this, smaller accounts do too and they try to make themselves seem less predatory by cashing in on their smaller follower size- as though this makes everything they do organic or sincere. I'm constantly seeing posts where people are trying to sell no name stuff from Amazon. Also, when a brand floods the community with a product I instantly Don't trust or want it. Like Good Molecules. That sh*t is EVERYWHERE. Everyone is trying to plug it 🤢

  8. This was genuine and “real” 🙏🏼 The “subtlety” had me laughing so hard. I deleted Instagram honestly, due to beauty influencers.

  9. Undisclosed is a massive problem and so is any disclosed. It's so hard to believe any, small or big, influencer. Even people like Jaime Genevieve did some rather awful sponsored videos. Jamie did a review of Bleach eyeshadows some time ago and raved how good they were. After that post, she never used them in any videos or mentioned as favourites. I purchased some and threw them away as they were the most substandard, pile of rubbish I have ever used.

  10. I wish ads and sponsorships for plastic surgery and fillers by influencers would stop in 2020. But it won't happen.

  11. No lie, the second I sniff an undisclosed sponsor, or see every SINGLE post being sponsored, I unsubscribe. If you hide the sponsor, shady. If every post is sponsored, youre super biased and I cant take any recommendations they're all paid for.

  12. I appreciate this and you soo much

  13. cough*Tati*cough*Clarisonic*cough

  14. if you think the beauty community is bad at undisclosed ads try the fashion “blogger” influencer community … its a mess 🤮

  15. Most likely if they get PR they have sponsored ads. I'm so tired of so many that have been doing non stop ads like Roxette. I've unsubscribed to her It makes watching makeup channels so not fun anymore.

  16. Sorry nope you're actually prettier than Amanda Ensing and ten times prettier on the inside. I stopped following her back when she stole artwork for her merch. And reacted very inappropriately when called out for it when she should have apologized and fixed the problem.

  17. honestly I think more than brands "allowing" the influencers, they're pressuring them to do undisclosed sponsorships because the consumers have caught on and aren't "influenced" by ads anymore. so by not disclosing it, they feel like it seems more genuine and attracts more customers

  18. s a

    I'm pretty sure Desi Perkins does (mostly before) undisclosed posts often. I love her videos and IG posts but there is no way she genuinely loves brands so much organically posts various ad-like contents for fun. She never does sponsored videos but is rich af 🤔

  19. Am I the only one laughing because of the "the remix" part in the title? lol

  20. Gorlie what is that lip shade it’s gorgeous 😫

  21. Call 👏 them 👏 out👏 people need to know

  22. As someone on the PR/advertising end of the equation: The brands are the problem, full stop. They're not "letting" influencers not disclose; they're often encouraging sponsored posts without disclosure because posts without #ad get better engagement, thus better reach etc. Undisclosed sponsorships are more effective advertising. Probably why some companies (ALLEGEDLY) pay influencers more for undisclosed sponsorships.
    If brands cared, this problem could be stopped at multiple steps of the process. The full responsibility lies with the brand (or their PR firm) to tell influencers what is expected of creators from the jump, which includes disclosure, as well as tell influencers to add #ad to the beginning if they are sent a draft of post without it. Not disclosing should be treated as a breach of contract on the influencers part, but it won't be as long as sponsorships are this lucrative & this unchecked by the legal entities in place to keep them in check.

  23. I literally see Christen Dominique, ilovesaraii and Roxette do undisclosed sponsorships on their stories all the time!! And when they do the write #ad or #brandnamepartner really small where you can't really see it… it's really annoying to see

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