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UI Inspiration, Paid Social, Email Marketing Tools & More | Growth Insights #16

UI Inspiration, Paid Social, Email Marketing Tools & More | Growth Insights #16

Looking for some UI inspiration? How about a crowdsourced database of paid social and alternative advertising opportunities? Download the latest tools list here: https://grow.ac/issue16

We’ve also discovered an email marketing tool that will calculate the perfect time to send cold emails (or any emails at all) based on your target audience! Get ready for Growth Insights #16, which is packed with tonnes of digital marketing tools!

If you’re looking for UI inspiration, we’ve found a collection of articles, podcasts, case studies and design resources, plus a UX tool and UI inspiration platform packed with ideas and tear-downs from current app designs. There’s plenty to pick from, and you might even discover a few new apps while you’re browsing the database.

If you’re all about growth hacking your organic social media marketing and discovering new social media tools to maximise your likes, followers and reach, we’ve discovered a list of all of the most important stats you need to know for each social platform, packed with tips such as the maximum number of Instagram comment you can leave in a day.

So why not dive into Growth Insights #16 and discover productivity tools, web scraping tools (watch out for all of those old Tweets you thought had been lost to the internet abyss), social media marketing tools and more!

What’s your favourite UI inspiration website or UX resource? Did we miss an exciting email marketing tool? Let us know in the comments!


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  5. Hi there, I would like to recommend to 2 great tool for next episode: first is https://www.remove.bg/ in order to remove background easily and the second one is https://www.gramto.com/ for instagram follow/unfollow/autodm automation.

  6. Go fu$# work is a free extension, useful to blocked website

  7. By far the greatest source for startups on the Internet! We want more!

  8. I'm still seeing the old LI ad manager though. And it's a pain.

  9. Love all the productivity tools! Gonna start using lots of these

  10. One of the best episodes by a long shot. There are a lot of very useful tools. Thanks a lot!

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