Tutor LMS Tutorial – Create Your First Free Course (Super Simple WordPress Course)

In this tutorial I’ll walk you through the process of creating your first free course on Tutor LMS step by step.

Be sure to check out the full tutorial at https://incomemesh.com/tutor-lms-tutorial/

Building online courses is normally a very in-depth process that involves bouncing between tons of screens and putting together content.

Tutor LMS makes creating WordPress courses more streamlined and allows you to build a full online learning academy directly within WordPress. Check it out!


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4 Thoughts to “Tutor LMS Tutorial – Create Your First Free Course (Super Simple WordPress Course)”

  1. Hello John,
    do you know if Tutor LMS can be translate in french?
    And another question please 🙂
    I would like to use EDUMAX, and i wonder if it does word with Thrive architect?
    Thank you a lot

  2. Hey John, we need to talk more about how and where to host the videos, so a person can’t go to YouTube and bypass any fees or subscriptions right?

  3. Hi John, Thanks for this series for Tutor LMS. I have been following you will regard to LMS and had seen your review of Tutor LMS. The only reason I am not going ahead with buying this software is that we can not upload videos from a custom host other than Vimeo and Youtube. In fact, in your review, you pointed that out but in this video, you did not mention it. I am disappointed that Tutor LMS has not addressed that issue. Is there any way I can connect to another video host? Thanks!

  4. Hey John – looking forward to checking out this playlist – I had forgotten about Tutor LMS as everyone seems to be raving on about LD 3.0 at the moment. The idea of building a distribution platform is really interesting and it seems thats what Tutor LMS would be good at! Also FYI I think you might have missed a video upload before this? As you "created a website in the previous video" ?

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