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Turn Amazon Boxes Into 3D Mandala Art with the Snapmaker 2.0

Turn Amazon Boxes Into 3D Mandala Art with the Snapmaker 2.0

So many Amazon boxes, right?! Turn your garbage cardboard boxes into works of 3D Mandala Art using a laser cutter or CNC machine like the Snapmaker 2.0 (https://snapmaker.com/product/snapmaker-2/?rfsn=2750621.24d64b).
#amazonboxes #upcycle #trashtotreasure

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Letter “A”: https://tidd.ly/2OqsJOg
Rectangle Mandala (cardboard one): https://tidd.ly/2ZtBqO1
CNC Design (Square Plywood one – file is not for sale but artist page is here): https://tidd.ly/3gS0aoW

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• 3D Printing – 13 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started: https://youtu.be/LvGKfevdf_Q
• $23 DIY Planter Box: https://youtu.be/c5AXj6afENc

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30 thoughts on “Turn Amazon Boxes Into 3D Mandala Art with the Snapmaker 2.0

  1. This is soo neat! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for your amazing videos, loving all your explanations, I just got my snapmaker and I’m so impressed with what it can do

  3. how did you get that to size right? I can get anything that size on the A350… which I'm starting to think was a waste of money. Luban is….well… awful

  4. Bloomin heck, it's Kimi Raikkonen!

  5. Is it cutting the cardboard in one step?

  6. Newbie – trying to separate the downloaded Mandala file into separate images without any knowledge of these vector software packages is impossible. Load the file but see nothing. Tired multiple software packages. I there a tutorial somewhere to help separate the images into individual files?

  7. What watt is the laser you cut the cardboard???

  8. Awesome video mate! Thank you so much for upcycling the boxes and making those wonderful artworks. A vivid realisation of "art is from daily life"!

  9. I have my adobe files ready (the layers) How much do laser cutting companies charge for an 8" x 8" with 10 pieces of cardboard?

    I am making a mandela piece

  10. Question: A lot of YouTubers got free units to talk these up. Did you pay for your unit or get one for free?

  11. The company is really struggling fulfilling orders. Mine was three months late and completely non functional.

  12. idiotic, way to much advertising, with basically no info.

  13. how did you prep the mandala file to cut? the format they give it to you is terrible

  14. Jack of all trades—master of none. Caveat emptor to all those overly enthused. There's a reason why your lawnmower isn't a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine all in one. Do your search before biting the carrot.

  15. Hi! I was wondering how do you carve something from the wood, rather than just carving it into the wood? What file type? Thanks!

  16. Hi! Ho w much is the resolution of the laser? How much close can two lines be cut? Thanks for the answer

  17. Cam

    This was fantastic and I implor you to do more videos with the SnapMaker. Maybe even a "so you got a SnapMaker 2.0 getting started video.

  18. My first 3D printer will be the Snapmaker 2 A350. Looking forward to learning more & seeing more of your cool projects.

  19. How long did printing/cutting the letter "A" take?

  20. I am awaiting my Snapmaker, but have a different laser engraver that I have had for a while. I have not tried cutting stuff yet. What settings do you use to get the laser to cut cardboard boxes? Thanks.

  21. Mine was supposed to be here by now, but I got an email telling me it'll be September before it's getting shipped, with the enclosure.

  22. Brilliant I am also waiting on my 2.0 cant wait to get started on my Amazon boxes.

  23. Ive been eyeing up the 2.0 (A350) but idk if the price is worth it. Ive seen mixed reviews about the equipment but it seems so useful and universal

  24. Love this – looks really neat – once my Snapmaker A250 enclosure is assembled I'm going to mount the laser module. Great project idea!

  25. Fantastic! I'll try on my A250!

  26. Excellent video. I like the Mandala artwork. Has anybody tried retrofitting a laser cutter to a standard 3D printer?

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