Turn $687 Into $6379?! Sunday Live Haul What Sold On eBay & Etsy Ep 89

Turn $687 Into $6379?! Sunday Live Haul What Sold On eBay & Etsy Ep 89

We share highlights of what we sold this last week as well as new scores that we picked up to list on eBay and Etsy! Plus we break down our sales numbers for the week to provide total transparency!

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6 Thoughts to “Turn $687 Into $6379?! Sunday Live Haul What Sold On eBay & Etsy Ep 89”

  1. Baggy beach jogger…MC HAMMER PANTS LOL

  2. I just checked tracking and my Yesterday Fits box should be delivered TODAY! I'm so excited and will probably be checking my front door all day long till it gets here. Great show as always. I really dig those Casper sheets and that Speed Racer shirt. The sleeves look awesome to me!

  3. Bust out my sweet dance moves- ! What!!!? Give me a break. I will never marry you 😆😂

  4. Mile long mom ass- lol! Hard week of returns here in Texas. False nad’s. Thank you for the laughs. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  5. U know ur spouse is secretly addicted to ur channel when caught by coworkers singing Super Chat Super Chat She's Super Chatty Yyyeeeooowww to himself🤣🤣🤣

  6. Was doing some “research” on EBay and ran across thrashed aka stained, holey and ripped items. Totally shocked at the prices being paid for ‘thrashed’ tee shirts and sweatshirts. Stuff I would throw out. All depends on what buyers are looking for. 🥴

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