Turn $200 into $1000 RETAIL ARBITRAGE Reselling on EBAY Poshmark for PROFIT

Turn $200 into $1000 RETAIL ARBITRAGE Reselling on EBAY Poshmark for PROFIT

Retail Arbitrage. I went to Ross and shopped their clearance section to buy things to resell on Ebay and Poshmark for profit. I got a lot of Eileen Fisher and Rag and Bone! Learn to sell online by watching Reseller videos about what to buy to resell for profit. I spent $239 and hope to make over a$1000 in sales.

Reseller. I sell stuff on Line. I am a part-time Seller on Ebay and Poshmark.
I buy things from Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Goodwill Outlet/bins and I flip them on line
On the Internet for Profit. I am self employed and work from home.
I earn an income flipping used clothing on line. It’s fun, and lucrative, and it’s good for the Environment.
Ever wanted to learn to sell on Ebay? Learn to sell on Poshmark? This channel is all reselling on line for Profit.
Find educational videos on this channel. As well as Mystery Unboxing videos from Thred Up, Goodwill Bluebox, Reseller
Mystery Inventory Boxes.

How to Find Me and My Stores:


Grateful Queen on Poshmark

Instagram: gratefulqueenbee

This channel is all about learning and growing and supporting each other as resellers
Please keep it POSITIVE when commenting and asking questions please.

Amazon Affiliate Link: (I get a tiny kickback when you use my links–thank you!!)

SCALE: https://amzn.to/2mEFiLq
LIGHTING KIT: https://amzn.to/2obk5sZ
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HAIR DRYER WITH DIFFUSER: https://amzn.to/2p574BJ

Keywords for my Channel:

Small Business owner
Self Employed
Working mom
Reselling online
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13 Thoughts to “Turn $200 into $1000 RETAIL ARBITRAGE Reselling on EBAY Poshmark for PROFIT”

  1. I don't mind giving it a try but I don't invest a lot in RA, just because I have lower price points with higher flips with thrifted goods (usually, not always). I do love having new with tags items in my shop though, especially for Q4! You found some really great names and pieces!!

  2. Did you sell your rag & bone jeans? After watching your video, I went to Ross and found 2 pair of rag & bone jeans, and the Eileen Fisher Mango jacket. I hope to make a great profit from them! Thank you!

  3. Great score on the Rag & Bone! What I have done is shopped for myself and first put it on Posh. If it doesn't sell for the profit I want , I keep it lol

  4. Wow, what a bunch of great finds! Guess I'll have to go look for some men's items there again.

  5. Yup I love retail arbitrage! NWT items for thrift store prices what’s not to love?!

  6. Curious about if you would put those up on Posh or Ebay based on what they are?

  7. I already told you that my extent of retail arbitrage has been Nordstrom.com but the next best thing for me is at goodwill.com. I have recently picked up a lot of new w/tag pcs and I am waiting on some more auctions to close so I can put it all together for a haul video. the problem with these auctions is that most of the really high-end items get multiple bids and will go over what I am willing to pay.

  8. Our Ross stores never have Eileen Fisher nor Rag and Bone. I do appreciate how thorough your vids are. I've only done some retail arbitrage from TJ Maxx and while I made a profit, it was so small. I stick to my own closet, my daughter's closet, and then some local thrifts/bins. Maybe if I traveled somewhere more upscale, I could find these goodies. I might have to take a trip to Dallas, soon 😊

  9. Great video! I also, do RA and have done well with it. My best flips have been some Levi’s Two toned button fly jeans. Bought five pairs- $9.99 cost and sold for $40-$50 each. Huge interest on Poshmark! Wish I had bought more of them! Also bought a couple of Helly Hansen Jackets- $10 (sold for $90) & $16 cost (still for sale).

  10. Press play and hear you start talking about Eileen Fisher, right as I'm starting to photograph some Eileen Fisher shoes. Lol. Nice score on those Rag & Bone items btw!

  11. i found fig scrub top at DDs and some others brands marked 58 retail and didn't get them shoot, I just figured since they were at a discount store they wouldn't be worth anything

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