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Truth About Twitter Ads! (Marketing Tutorial) – Alphapreneur Livestream

Truth About Twitter Ads! (Marketing Tutorial) – Alphapreneur Livestream

Thinking about running Twitter Ads? Think again! I’m going to show you the truth about running a twitter ads campaign in 2020 in this step-by-step tutorial.

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18 thoughts on “Truth About Twitter Ads! (Marketing Tutorial) – Alphapreneur Livestream

  1. Chris did a great training on twitter ads. The live stream showed actual real-time ads with the twitter ad showing unfavorable results. The conclusion was that it is not profitable to run twitter ads. This was a real eye opener and will save us from running unprofitable ads. This is the type of information we get from being an ambassador for Alphapreneur.

    Thank you Chris!

  2. Thank you Chris for sharing your results with Twitter Ads. I have followed you quietly for a long time. You have always shared incredible information and processes… although the products were usually a bit of a higher ticket in nature, I always made it a point to attend a lot of your webinars. Now, that you are sharing a lot of you were charging for previously, I have been going through your videos and they are packed with valuable content that I can put to use right away. I truly appreciate and I am grateful that I have followed over the years and especially now. Thank you and stay safe.

  3. Awesome content today Chris. It's great to see the truth revealed, warts and all. SO often we're fed what the "Guru" would like us to believe, with the real story left to guess at. Thanks for pulling back the veil and letting us see what is real. I guess I can cross Twitter ads off the to-do list! Can't wait for tomorrow…

  4. I am so sad I haven't been able to join your live sessions this week. Can't wait to catch the recordings!!

  5. Truly One-of-a-kind, such Genuinely Unique online marketing training👍👍

  6. Everything is Possible! Chris has been so inspiring to learn from! He has so much knowledge and insight into the online world. He really has a big heart and is changing the world with Alphapreneur! I am happy to say I am an ambassador! Thank you kindly Chris for all you are teaching us! Blessings beyond belief!

  7. Hey there Chris, thanks for another GREAT training session that you have presented. I am ever so grateful to have found you and to be a part of your network.
    Once again you have 'proven' yourself (not that you have to prove yourself to anyone but yourself) that you are 'real'.
    Thanks for taking the 'twitter ads plunge' and puttting your money where your mouth is!
    I am not happy that you have spent ad money on Twitter and not gotten a better ROI, however, I am thrilled to learn 'first-hand' from your experience so that I won't have to go through it and 'lose'. This training by example is what I TRULY appreciate from you – you practice what you preach and you teach by experience – thank you.
    Totally enjoyed today's class and look forward to more of your sessions.#alphapreneur rocks

  8. Chris you over deliver on your Live Streams. Your transparency is refreshing and something you don't see anywhere else. You call us out and keep us engaged. These last two sessions took us from a newbie twitterer to a college grad twitter jacker. Your journey from your college days to now you shared with us is truly an inspiration. I look forward to being on your trainings and hope you continue to do them for quite some time. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

  9. #Alphapreneur Hey Chris! Much to my chagrin, I can't make the LIVE streams on Thurs/Fridays, miss being there! I couldn't wait to get into YT tonight to hear your replay. (Two American Girl dolls, that's a riot!) So helpful to know the truth about running Twitter ads, amazing insight, thanks a bunch!

  10. Thanks Chris for another great live stream training It might have been the best so far, because we saw how you handled when things did not go the way you expected. That happens to all of us and it is what stops us many times, and it is great to know the key is just keep going and learn as you go. You really opened my eyes about being careful and testing. $218 bucks was cheap compared to all the courses I bought and went no where too ! Thanks as always for having the vision tomake Alphapreneur available to all of us!

  11. I'm appreciative to be apart of something that's so genuine. This is quite unique online these days👍👍

  12. Thank you Chris for saving me $200 🙂 I have to say I was surprised! I had the notion Twitter ads are effective but thanks to you we discovered the opposite is true.
    Looking forward to more great discoveries! BTW, if you could not guess, I love your live calls and appreciate all that you teach. It is very refreshing to listen to someone like you, holding back nothing and being fully transparent. For real. Thanks again!

  13. 🙂 Todays Twitter session was really different from all the other Livestreams! But never the less very good knowledge for us to take home! Chris you saved us all a lot of Ad cash, I believe we all say THANK YOU for your effort to test Ads on Twitter!! Like always, it´s a lot of fun to be part of your live streams!!

  14. Chris, what can I say that you have not heard already. You continue to inspire and over deliver even despite the challenges of the truth about Twitter ads or even the person giving the thumbs down. You are the real deal Chris and the actions of another does not define you.
    Great live stream as always and you made quite the impression on a guest of mine today as I knew you would. When you take the time to give of your time as you do for us in a selfless way, you will be blessed going forward. Keep it coming and keep up the good work. #Alphapreneur forever!

  15. Thanks for the twitter session. Sorry you got stung on the paid ads. What a lesson learned for us all. There’s a great saying ‘He who asks a question remains a fool for 5 minutes. He who does not ask, remains a fool forever.’ Makes me realise we really need to question the system. I really need to get into the workings of analytics. It’s kinda a fear but with your guidance I’m sure it will be less of a bumpy ride! Thanks again Captain Luck 🏴‍☠️

  16. Thank you Chris for today's Live Stream! It was very interesting to have an insight into Twitter ads! I really love the way you engage with us and stay transparent to answer all our questions individually. You're really doing great! Today was my first time being part of your live stream, but it was definitely worth it. I got recommended by David Jones and I'm very glad for that. When you mentioned today that you dropped out of college, and just did your own thing with affiliate marketing.. that really inspired me. Actually.. 2 days ago I took a big decision as well. I dropped out of college like you did. It was not any easy decision, but something I really felt from the bottom of my heart. Im really willing to take this risk and go after my dreams I always wanted as a child. Im ready to fail, to stand up again, fail, stand up again..until i succeed. Academics was always important to me, but at the same time.. I believe it is not necessary for success. I really want to learn business just by doing it and further educate myself with own pace, independency and the passion/curiosity I have for the things I do. It's like a jump into the ''cold water'' and I believe we grow through challenges.. and need to make opportunities for ourselves, as well as work on to become every day a better version of ourselves. Thanks for inspiring Chris, I am very excited for you next livestreams & I would love to get to know you more! 🙂 take care

  17. Chris, as always, you did a wonderful job today. I loved the "warts and all" approach to this lesson explaining what didn't work and why. However, I feel just like your image for this video about my results today. One little nugget of information that I got from the Q&A discussed some best practices for posting on Twitter which would have been nice to know the day before like varying a little what you actually do with your Twitter account. You see, I set up my Twitter account years ago and only used it a couple of times and got bored with it not seeing its potential. As a result, I hadn't done anything with it since then, so I'm still a total complete NEWBIE. Your lesson yesterday opened my eyes and I was SO EXCITED this morning that I went "fishing" in the Twitter pond and dropped a bunch of lines. They were all individual lines and responses similar to what you did in the lesson, but I must have missed something important. I got up an hour earlier than normal before work and (you were right, it was addicting) I posted about 50 responses about "morning routines." I got 10 "hearts" and one positive "mention" so I was stoked. After your response to the question in the Q&A, however, I went in to "vary" my posts somewhat and I was unable to do so. I had a message that my Twitter account had been suspended. One morning on Twitter doing what I learned yesterday and POOF. Needless to say, I'm a little discouraged about the whole thing but will not give up. I mention this so you could please reiterate this to the group so the same thing doesn't happen to them. I also wanted you to know because I don't want you to get a bad rap; you see, I hash-tagged #alphapreneur in all of them so you can probably find them. Thank you again for all you do! I love the stories and the side comments that make the live streams real for me. Keep up the great work! ("The school of hard knocks" continues to be the story of my life. Now, trying to figure out what to do about my Twitter account, hmmmmm)

  18. Hey Chris, I know you started today out saddened by a thumbs down (I am sure someone did it by accident) So, No worries! (Play that song-Lol) comment in the likes section, but as we all know you are the amazing “Overcomer”, you didn’t let it bother you in the way you spoke about doing the twitter ads, even though you spent $211.00 on the experiment, but what we all are so impressed with, is that you shared and how honest and open you are to explain in detail , why Twitter ads isn’t a great source to go forward with….I know I speak for all the family members in Alphapreneur….that we are so Blessed and grateful that we have you leading this Ship!!! I started with you on Day 1, and will be a forever student and learner of yours….I am proud to be a part of this "Family" with you , …I just want you to know how grateful; I am to know about you and be a part of Alphapreneur and as always have an Amazing day!

    I promote and honor, Chris Luck, He is the Ultimate answer to affiliate Marketing in 2020…Stay focused and passionate, if you follow his steps and direction you can't fail…He is the Grand Master,and the Amazing Alphapreneurist at Work!…..
    Once again , Thanks Chris for your Integrity and passion you have to Teach!

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