Today I want to share a few tricks of the Instagram trade with you Potterpuffs, so here are my tips for organically growing a following on Instagram.

Instagram is where I started my Harry Potter Social Media journey and I wanted to update my previous video that I made last year on how to create a fun account!

These tips are a matter of opinion and I came up with 10 things that helped me to be successful on the Insta platform.

Smiirl have very kindly gifted me the 7 digit Instagram counter that you see on my video!

You can buy one here:

They also have Instagram and Facebook:


This video isn’t sponsored but the counter was sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review!

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I am happy to promote fun or magical products and places! Just drop me an email and I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.



All music tracks used in my videos are royalty free and I have permission to use them.

All opinions expressed in my videos are my own and I will specify when I have been sent a product to review.



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23 Thoughts to “TOP TIPS to GROW your INSTAGRAM account”

  1. Thanks for watching my friends! I hope you find this video useful! A Vlog coming on Wednesday and a Christmas video on Saturday! 💛

  2. Thanks for the tips! I actually do most of them and it helped me a lot :3

  3. So sad that it's so important for people how many Followers they have. First World Problems. 👌🏻

  4. How do you get it so that your feed has the white borders around the photos?

  5. What?! I love travel, art, and Harry Potter, reading, and dogs

  6. The counter is amazing ! I only have a small account but may get myself one lol

  7. Great tips Bloss! I definitely found interacting with the community so much easier since I made a separate PotterGram. One of the best decisions I made.

  8. I loved your double unboxing with Brit = the necklace you found was a replica of Bellatrix Lestranges' I loved the faces you and Brit were making as the other held up items they unboxed.

  9. Thanks for the handy tips! Trying to get started on my own. Love your channel

  10. YES TO ENGAGEMENT! I am a big advocate for “love over likes” and I’ve found that’s something that really changed for me. I don’t get galleons of likes, but I do get consistent engagement on each post. Like you, I’ve found questions is key for this! It’s why I also always ask questions as part of my giveaways, to again make it more about engagement than just “like” and “follow” this! I love how engaged you are on IG and it’s why I ALWAYS come back to your account 🥰

    I would love to grow more on IG, but I know I do things that may detract from that. Siriusly long captions for starters and the fact I don’t have loads of merch! On the other hand, I know that it’s also about being authentic and that’s what works for me – I am not a funko pop fan and that’s okay! I guess my crochet beasties is my “niche” like you said, so I need to stay true to that!

  11. I have an account but nothing happens really must be doing something wrong somewhere

  12. Thanks for the great tips.
    I've been thinking about starting a youtube channel, and want to get more involved in other social media so I can share the things I love with other like minded people.

  13. I love your video's. Can you do how to grow your YouTube channel? I've been doing YouTube for two years and only have 15 subscribers and I am going to be doing a giveaway when I get 100 subscribers.

  14. Such helpful tips thank you!!

  15. 💜💜If you're reading this……

    Have a happy and positive day 💜💜

  16. Great Video! Im a total newb when it comes to insta 😂 xx

  17. Excellent video and tips Bloss! Definitely agree with you on all of those 😁You deserve every follower and subscriber as your passion and hard work always comes through 🙌That Smirl counter is awesome too – I love that it gives you a glimpse of your account status in a tangible product! So cool 😁

  18. The content i've been waiting for 😆 This is so important to me, bcs i feel like my account flops 😂 thank you so much Bloss~

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