Top 3 Tips for Growing Your Instagram for Business

Top 3 Tips for Growing Your Instagram for Business

Want to use your Instagram account to grow your business?! Today I have a guest appearance from the amazing Elise Darma. Elise is an Instagram marketing expert and she is here to give us some great tips on how we should be approaching Instagram for our businesses.

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9 Thoughts to “Top 3 Tips for Growing Your Instagram for Business”

  1. So excited to have Elise on my channel today! 💥 Make sure you subscribe to her channel here:

  2. "Can't help but agree that you should concentrate on the real engagement not on the numbers. You might have 100 followers out of which 80 actively follow you. On the contrary, you can have thousands of followers out of 50 are not even really active. What people can do for real engagement is to make live videos on IG. Some prefer to go live from their desktop through yellowduck. tv Other tools you can use for IG – instafollow, canva

    P.S. you are really motivating"

  3. This is a terrific video and now I’m feeling all proud that I post to my stories every day, lol. I loved the advice about not worrying too much about standard engagement metrics but focusing instead on real engagement in the stories and DMs.

  4. Great information! Thank you so much. My BIG take-away (which is also a big relief) is that people are wanting IG Stories and REAL-ness <3

  5. Great tips, just got into doing stories. I noticed alot of people see my stories, more than my posts.

  6. Amazing video, thank for this I will definitely put those in action

  7. Thanks so much for having me Louise!!! I'm a big fan of all your work. ❤️

    And if you're watching and have any questions at all, ask me here or on Instagram: @elisedarma 📲

  8. This was so helpful! Thank you. It was refreshing to hear that the whole focus of my business shouldn’t be just on my feed.

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