Top 3 Reasons You Aren't Making Money eBay Dropshipping

Top 3 Reasons You Aren't Making Money eBay Dropshipping

1) You are pricing your items too high
2) You aren’t listing quality products
3) Your expenses are just too high!

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19 Thoughts to “Top 3 Reasons You Aren't Making Money eBay Dropshipping”

  1. Who in the hell buys the crap you guys sell?

  2. I second the good video and straight to the point. Nice work Tyler!

  3. You're a fountain of knowledge Tyler, why are you not working with SF?

  4. Great video Tyler thanks Keep them coming appreciate the knowledge

  5. agreed! i'm pretty new but still fired the first VA i put on a two week trial period in favor of the two other VAs who started their two week trial and exceed the first VA…

  6. Can you make a content on how to use skugrid because it is a lot different than other softwares out there also which payment plan do i choose they have credit ones and than they have one other. Very confusing.

  7. Good video. Hot topics only. Straight to da point.

  8. Nice work! Video quality is getting really good. Valuable info, background music, embeded images in the video, transitions…

  9. Is your drop shipping course still relevant in 2019?

  10. You seem like a legit good dude! I enjoy your videos. Thank You!

  11. Thx man..nice video..come back kid

  12. Do you think new jewelry sells

  13. good advise on lowes coupon discount

  14. Tyler, how were you able to get up to tens of thousands of listings when you were deleting items so much? Btw, love the new camera and video editing you got going on.

  15. I’m not making money drop shipping because I haven’t started yet 🙁 haha

  16. Do you have any tips for getting multiple sales for one item other than dropping price? I seem to only get 1 or 2 sales per prpduct (@ a 1% front end margin), so I only make money because I have 15k products up

  17. Is there a website that has high quality items that people are buying heavy right now

  18. The more you put in to this the more you get from it you just have to work hard like any other job or business

  19. Are you back in action eBay dropshipping…you still doing bonanza

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