Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for your Small Business

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for your Small Business

How do you market a small business more effectively? This is a question I want to answer for small business owners today. When you’re marketing a small business, you typically have limited resources, but you still need to create as many touchpoints with your audience as possible. That’s difficult, but not impossible! Here are my top ten tips for marketing your small business online:

1) Build pillar content so you can make better use of your resources.
2) Focus on one platform so you can connect with that audience directly.
3) Post consistently so people know when and where they can get valuable information from you.
4) Be authentic by offering value instead of selling, telling your story, and giving behind the scenes looks into your business.
5) Learn from your competitors to see what your audience is looking for.
6) Be involved in the community, whether that’s online, on social, or in the physical world.
7) Reply to all comments your audience leaves for you so there’s two-way engagement.
8) Keep people on the platform you’re focusing on so you gain authority and organic reach on that platform.
9) Set the right ROI goals and know you aren’t going to gain ROI from social right away, or without creating and correcting.
10) Last, but not least: Don’t sell in your content! You sell more by selling less!

Help me create and correct to offer more value with these digital marketing videos. Hit me up in the comments and leave some feedback.


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