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Top 10 Best Amazon Hacks To Save Money

Top 10 Best Amazon Hacks To Save Money

Who doesn’t like saving money? For this list, we’ll be looking at ways to get the best price possible on Amazon. Our countdown includes The Amazon Trade-In Program, Amazon Coupons, The Amazon Store Card, and more! Have you tried these hacks for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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33 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Amazon Hacks To Save Money

  1. For more product videos, check out our playlist!:

    Have you tried these hacks for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

  2. 07/19/2021 – Amazon: "Our terms have changed. Any dispute or claim relating in any way to your use of any Amazon Service will be adjudicated in the state or Federal courts in King County, Washington, and you consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in these courts. We each waive any right to a jury trial."

  3. Pro tip: Shop directly from manufacturers on AliExpress.

  4. how much did Amazon give you for your souls ?

  5. And of course they forgot to mention that if you're on food stamps or Medicaid you can submit a picture of your card for it and get your Prime Membership that of course includes Prime Video, free shipping, etc for 50% off every month for only $5.99 instead of 12.99.

  6. I use Warehouse ALL the time!

  7. Free two-day shipping is now more like one week shipping!

  8. I have an awful confession to make: I am an Amazon addicted because I always forgetting things at the store and lots of back pain, while taking care of three energetic boys (two that I have no legal rights too but I am their mama). I can’t put in financial income to my family but I can save so much money that I no longer feel worried about feeding my kids and not qualifying for food stamps!

  9. Type what at the end? Lady just put it in the actual video

  10. Best way to save money: delete Amazon and never reinstall

  11. Actually my local grocery chain is cheaper then amazon.

  12. Number 1 tip

    Don't buy anything

  13. No mention of the monthly payment option? Just type in the product you want and "monthly installment". Works for high price items like microwave. Amazon credit card gives you the monthly installment option on all orders

  14. #1 Get someone else's credit card details :^)

    (I'm joking btw just in case)

  15. Number 1


  16. Ads are getting smarter

  17. Sounds like paid promotion to me

  18. Amazon commercial, I mean today's list. 10 ten things a human with 10 brain cells would know about Amazon.

  19. The groceries for my area is Whole Foods Market which is more expensive than Walmart Groceries (nothing beats Walmart).

    When subscribing to Amazon "Subscribe and Save" if a consumer checks a consumer may see that the item they are subscribing to has been lowered. Yet, you subscription has not been lowered. I will cancel the old subscription and re-subsribe to the item I was subscribing to get a a lower price subscription.

    Make sure to edit any subscriptions before Amazon's edit date (4 days after the first of the month) or a consumer cannot skip a subscribed item(s). This is something I experienced because Amazon did not notify of this edit date.

    Most of the time I have experienced that subscribe and save runs out of items or has cancelled my subscription.

    Most of the time Walmart prices are either lower than Amazon. Sometimes Amazon is comparable to Walmart, which is not often. The only drawback with Walmart is the $35.00 purchase limit for deliveries.

  20. #1 Complain Complain Complain
    #2 Offer supplier 5-star review in exchange for free item

  21. Prime Free for college students? I don't think so coz they only offered me 50% off

  22. I mostly use Amazon gift cards for a safer way to do most of my online shopping than using my own debit card. I fear that hackers might get my bank account, that way, but with gift card it's VERY limited.

  23. another one is amazon smile, certain businesses/charities have a deal with them that when you shop at amazon smile site instead they get a donation percentage of everything you buy, but you don't pay any extra fees

  24. #6 might be the biggest "No shit!!" ever.

  25. Best tip ever: Install and use savings extensions, like Rakuten or Honey.

  26. If you have EBT or Medicaid you can get prime for half off

  27. Lol tried that amazon trade in thing, told me to recycle my device LOL (Galaxy Tab S first gen), but I'll just keep using it.

  28. This is the longest Amazon commercial ever.

  29. Stopped paying for prime…saved money

  30. People should try to invest/trade cryptocurrency with full guidance. It's really profitable and has helped come out of debt.

  31. Hey ah what’s the pin to the card in the thumbnail?

  32. didnt watcjh this video but heres a tip,use ebay instead,100% profit saved always

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