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34 Thoughts to “Tim Dillon Riffs on Gary Vee”

  1. The “twitter keeps everything up” didn’t age well..

  2. Lmaoooo “my kids are sick” 😂🤣

  3. Dude that gary v video has me crying laughing

  4. I have a brother who is like Vee. Except my brother works in a battery factory. It's not good.

  5. Gary isn’t trying to send the message that every loser can be a CEO. He’s actually making them aware of the sacrifices required to become one. He’s making them understand the reality more rather than thinking everything is going to be a success as long as you believe it will be.

  6. What about the work Jug kills me everytime 😂😂😂

  7. Nothing is for everyone… thinking included!

  8. Tim Dillon totally whiffed on this one.

  9. Its kind of sad that Dillon has to explain his joke to Joe

  10. make up your mind – do you respect him or not? Your video on him was kinda funny. But that doesn't mean you're right lol.

  11. Gary Vee tells you to:
    1. Develop a skill and get really good at it.
    2. Focus on the long term goals and not the short term ups and downs.
    3. His primary job is not to be a self development coach
    4. He has made videos for years without a single person watching him back when youtube started.
    5. He talks about failures that he's had as well

    Even if it is reality that not everyone can succeed, at leat they won't regret not trying at all.
    Which is something he keeps emphasising on.

    People that don't like him – ask questions like "what do I even start: because that's not something he needs to
    tell you. Although he does give a lot of advice on how to earn money in the side by finding a loop in the system and
    flipping products, which can later be used to fund what you like.

    I agree with Joe on the fact that he puts out too much content, but the other guy? I mean who tf is he? Has he inspired people?
    or is weight loss the only success story that got him here.

  12. Gary Vee doesn't give a fuck what ppl think so there's no way he had it taken doen

  13. Gary V: "fuckity fuckin fuck fuck buy fucking low sell fucking high you fuckity fuck fucks!"
    Simps: OMG this guy is Christ! Please take all my money!

  14. It's official…coolest gay of all time. And I love Milo but just too based on politics. Lots of other cool ones too but this guy takes the award I'm pretty sure😂🤣

  15. I just found out this Gary guy is 10 mints ago and I would have to say I will never take what this guy says as gospel

  16. A T


  17. This guy is brilliant, had no clue who garyvee was & I could only take about 25 seconds.

  18. garyvees advice is practical put out as much content as possible because the social platforms are one feed and once big companies pour money into internet marketing it'll make it harder for average ppl to compete bc theyll need to pay more money to get in front of audiences. I like Joe Rogans show but you all completely misunderstand Garyvee loud demeanor as a guy who is a showman more so than a guy who gives practical and understandable social media business advice. Smh…

  19. rogan knows he needs to befriend tim or he'll be on the receiving end of his wrath.

  20. You know you're killing on JRE when you're making Young Jamie cackle on the background.

    My main fucking criticisms of youth is how easily they are offended lately (and I have three of them and I tell them this, but more gently 😄). I blame social media for this, btw. I am in my 40s, so I have straddled the pre- and post- internet generations. The social justice warrior movement is so fucktarded (yeah, that's right…I SAID it, motherfuckers). So easy offended! I don't believe in this kind of censorship. If you are starting to watch something that offends you (and I have been saying this shit since I WAS 18 YEARS OLD), then I have a very simple solution for you. STOP FUCKING WATCHING IT THEN. Jesus Christ. They are ADDICTED to outrage. You don't want to have your children watch something? Great! Actually be a fucking parent and don't let them see it! Don't rely on the internet censorship to control them when that is YOUR JOB. Let me give you a clue, folks. IF YOU DON'T FEEL OUTRAGED THEN YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE A VICTIM. STOP trying to make us all feel like victims. STOP trying to make us all pussies (and this is a woman saying this, so to all feminazi SJWs out there, kindly fuck off) JUST because you are one.

  22. Tim Dillon looks like he has never seen a vagina.

  23. Joe Rogan doesn't know what he's talking about. He's a bald drunk.

  24. This guy is hilarious, I love how chill he is about it

  25. People just have to do what will make them happiest and satisfied or die trying really hard, it doesnt matter if you become a CEO or just a very good worker, its ok, you do your best with your one life.

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