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27 Thoughts to “Tim Dillon Riffs on Gary Vee”

  1. That bit was hilarious!
    These motivation jockeys all say the same vague mental porn and everyone walks away excited, but with nowhere to go.

  2. One of the few time that Joe has been dissapointing.

  3. They don't listen to Gary Vee close enough. He gives out the plays to execute. He says not everybody is cut out for entrepreneurship and that there are people better suited for the #5 or #12 role and that if you are un happy with your life financially there is opportunity. Sell on Ebay and use social media in a way that plugs you into the places you want to be.

  4. Every motivational speaker is a con job. Quotes are for weak minded retards

  5. Gary Vee annoys the fuck out of me

  6. Gary says all the time that not everybody is going to be a CEO. This dude is just a hater. 👎👎👎

  7. Some people need to be told they are shit to make something of themselves

  8. Well one of Gary’s big things is self awareness. So in his own way he is telling people to falling in line and find a role that fits for that individual person.

  9. This dude looks like Rowley from Diary of A Wimpy Kid when he's all grown up

  10. M S

    Gary is great in small doses every once in a while. And i feel like he'd be OK with that assessment. He can't make your business for you. And mostly he's just saying to get your own creativity out there; he can't give you specifics on how to be creative, that's kind of obvious, right? He's like the uncle everyone needs who tells you to grab your balls and put in the effort. he has some good tips on the tactics you can use with your creative content, platform to platform, although some of that is slanted towards platforms he has deals with. All in all, you can get something from Gary for sure, but you shouldn't expect more than some decent tips and a kick in the ass.

  11. There’s absolutely zero chance that GaryVee would be offended by that video. If anything he’d laugh with it.

  12. Like me! But I’m not talking about any body that matters

  13. Joe: Gary posts a little too much content

    Literally has as many Instagram posts as Gary and does 3 podcasts a week lol?

  14. Not to be a fanboy but Gary himself says some people would be better off being number two or three or four in the company aka an employee rather than a ceo

  15. Gary puts out alot of practical advice. For instance the garage sales gig. So for this guy to say: “what’s the it?”, just shows me he hasn’t seen alot of garyvee his content. I feel sorry for hin not seeing the practical side of his advice too.

  16. Hogg is a fraud taking advantage of the situation. Pussy boy wasn't even there when it happened. Then we gotta hear that bald headed feminist twat sit on stage and try to justify bullying the shooter. Fuck them kids.

  17. This guy is overweight with the worst skin condition iv ever seen… he has no right to talk about anyone.

  18. Watched it 3 times. That was so funny. I hsd to sub to his channel.

  19. Gary V talks about being self-aware and that not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur. This guy says Gary says the opposite and when Joe asks him, "why did he get mad," this guy says, "well I don't know if he's actually mad." What…? Lost all credibility

  20. I would be on his side but garyvee motivates me to get up my ass and go garage selling, last year I made 5k by the end of this year I’ll make another 8k, might not be much money for some but 8k from garage hunting and eBay selling, Can’t be against garyvee unless you’re a loser waiting for your chance to arrive.

  21. This guy has a losers mindset. Then again, he's fat. Fat people don't respect themselves. He doesn't have the ambition to put down the cup cakes, let alone be a CEO. Loser.

  22. Gary never said there is business inside of everyone.

  23. Idk he literally says “not everyone is made for entrepreneurship.”
    This cat is kind of stupid

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