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13 Thoughts to “Thred Up 25 Pc Rescue Box|Online Arbitrage Haul/Unboxing to Resell On Poshmark!!”

  1. Love your hair! Super cute!

  2. Retired RN here..not sure how you're doing it all 🤪. Good channel. Best of luck! Closet @geahan8

  3. Not a bad box at all! I just did an unboxing video myself and was pretty pleased! Great video

  4. The Rag & Bone top is cute! 🤗 love your channel! New subscriber

  5. Thank you for your sevice 💖😊

  6. Cannot wait for live reactions!

  7. " I save lives not clothes " is the most badass quote ever 😂 savin lives and the planet! <3 That rag & bone and madewell top was a good score! Fingers crossed you double the money!

  8. Thank you so much for your service🤗.. You are highly appreciated❤️🙏🏻

  9. Rag & Bone, Lulu, Madewell, not bad girl!! I love that vintage denim vest too!! Most of all I liked your singing in the beginning!! xoxo I hope you get the night off!! xoxo Great job!

  10. You got some good items! The Madewell embroidered top is so cute… hope you can get the spot out. Can't wait for your next video!!! Miss you! =)

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