Thought This Was Junk Until I Saw What It Sells for on eBay

Thought This Was Junk Until I Saw What It Sells for on eBay

Saw this at a Thrift Store and Thought This Was Junk Until I Saw What It Sells for on eBay. It always amazes me the types of items people get rid of or donate to thrift shops.

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Thought This Was Junk Until I Saw What It Sells for on eBay
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13 Thoughts to “Thought This Was Junk Until I Saw What It Sells for on eBay”

  1. Hey Roy! Just subbed, honestly though I had already but I am now. 🙂 Great pickups!

  2. You're videos are gold! Thank you so much! I have been teaching my husband some things to look out for when he goes with me to the thrift stores. The first thing I had to teach him is "ugly sells", because he really doesn't like the look of most vintage items. He's found some great things for me! haha!

  3. Great video Roy , thanks very much for sharing mate

  4. Definitely added some new items to my look out list. Like always great content

  5. Very nice finds! Can’t wait until our stores start to reopen.

  6. Thanks for the tip on drawer pulls – I’ll keep my eye out for them.

  7. Score on the vases Roy!!! I do pretty well with small pottery vases and bowls, doesn't matter really who made it so long as it looks good and the colors are right, but all the better if it is by a well known or collected potter. That silver bud vase is awesome, I'd have definitely grabbed that. Hopefully our stores will open at the end of the month because I'm going through withdrawals I think lol. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  8. Those Burberry gloves are super nice!

  9. I will keep an eye out 👀 for that Kennedy name! Thanks for sharing Roy!

  10. Great video as always Roy. Love the bowl

  11. awesome content my guy, wanna make a vid together? 😀

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