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THIS Will Change Your LIFE! | AFFIRMATIONS for Success | Gary Vee | #BelieveLife

THIS Will Change Your LIFE! | AFFIRMATIONS for Success | Gary Vee | #BelieveLife

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So today let’s live your best #BelieveLife and learn how to listen every day in 2020 to be a better version of yourself

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Thank you for watching – I really appreciate it 🙂
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33 thoughts on “THIS Will Change Your LIFE! | AFFIRMATIONS for Success | Gary Vee | #BelieveLife

  1. 6:08 They had the black plague
    Well we have the coronavirus.
    But at least technology is way more advanced now.
    The plague lasted for 6 years. We're lucky since we've already found a vaccine to the coronavirus in under 1 year.

  2. I've been on defense my whole life sadly lol.

  3. Affirmations is my new favorite thing Evan! Thanks man!!

  4. Thank you for sharing! Love your videos, but this one isn’t my favorite. The guy is arrogant. Had to stop watching. Next one please!

  5. Hi. Good morning. JuSt want to tell you how Amazing I think that you are and so is the work you do for us . When you go out into the world today hold your head up high because you deserve all of the great things that are about to happen! Your a gem !💎

  6. #BELIEVE Thanks for this, Evan. One of my favourite Gary V videos so far. The man speaks real sense and despite his great successes, there is no ego. Just bags of confidence and very sharp insight.

  7. You have to go all in on your dreams, on healing your past and on living fully. Appreciate this video Evan.

  8. "People drive cars to impress people that they hate" How right Gary Vee is!!

  9. Gary was great again as usual. Really enjoyed this video Thanks again for another great presentation.

  10. This guy is right! People complain about things that simply doesn't matter Evan. Great share!

  11. Gary is so brutally honest it’s scary and wonderful at the same time. ❤️

  12. where is that place at min 4:01? 🙂

  13. 2020 we manifesting our goals. It's our year

  14. #BTA142 second time second day listening haha

  15. Everything starts with a thought and then it takes an action plan to achieve your dreams and goals. Take action not just words. #lwnlivewithnature #SRSSRQ

  16. Interesting new format. I like the beautiful photography but I'm not sure about the voice analyzer effect. What do you think #BelieveNation ? #SRSSRQ

  17. I want to remind whoever is reading this that you can create the life you want. It starts by taking one small step. You are a creative person + you will make 2020 the year you prioritize your growth💫

  18. Plsss can you Create a video about aristotle onassis?

  19. I don't wanna be working on a yacht all my life. I know it's was meant for me. That's so crazy God is speaking to me to Gary or give me through me or me to Gary just wanna make him laugh. I'm here and ready let's go do this.

  20. I love You people and me on YouTube The universe is on our side, I feel so alive.

  21. The backpack it's really mine Just tell me where to go Or you picking me up.

  22. Evan I am 14 how do I start a business

  23. Amazing, thanks Evan & team <3 – and Gary ofc!!!

  24. Make it happen this 2020! Thank you Evan and all the team for the content!!

  25. Gary Vee is hard as woodpecker lips and that is why he will continue to win.

  26. I still to this day get EXCITED about the little things. If you can't get excited about the little things, you don't deserve the bigger things.

  27. Been eating Sh$t my entire life. Although I've achieved success, nothing has been easy and there is always room for more. Wishing everyone all the best.

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