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42 Thoughts to “This Stuff Sold Fast on eBay”

  1. Happy late Foders day

  2. When you Relist, watchers get notified… sell similar you're listing as a new independent item.

  3. According to eBay customer service a customer is allowed to leave Negative feedback just for fun. They can call You a liar and a thief, even if there is no dispute at all. Then You look at their feedback "left for others" and see they leave negative for everything. There's nothing You can do.

  4. I always said If I ever open my own shop I will be closed on Sundays.

  5. Happy Father's Day Pete! You are a like a dad to all of us but especially the newbies like me. I enjoyed this video so much. I am ready to start listing my goodies but need to find out about the packing/shipping details. I binge watch you πŸ˜€

  6. I was wondering about sell similar or realist too. Still too soon for me to tell. Also thanks for the words of wisdom regarding promoting listings – I know we have some items we don’t need to promote.

  7. I didn't know Father had a D in it lol

  8. Pack on Sunday for a few hours. Hustle harder. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

  9. Love your videos, Pete. Just ignore those elementary school bullies who make fun of your accent and the way you wear your watch. SMH

  10. I love the idea of working for myself. πŸ™‚

  11. Why not use poly bubble mailers? I do that strictly

  12. A buyer cannot leave negative feedback if a return is opened and you offer free returns. Free returns are smart anyway since an item not as described case will get free returns anyway.

  13. I remember many videos back, this happened to you when you mentioned an address before the sale. Can you elaborate on this one? What if a buyer files a dispute of item not received after a local pickup, how do you protect yourself?

  14. No Petey
    Ebay lets you list your phone number for your buyers who purchase your item..
    problem is they call you, and then u become ebay customer service..

  15. I also hate those packing peanuts. They are an environmental nightmare. Nobody will take them for recycling. End up in landfill.

  16. i get closing on sundays during football/winter months. But i would think opening on sundays would pay considering church and with that gas station being there now. Sunday is the busiest shopping day for groceries and most ppl gas up on sundays. Also with people buying at yard sales on fri/sat good chance flippers will come in on sunday.

  17. the negative feedback is bullshit, i bought a washing machine part on ebay and the seller listed the part incorrectly saying it would fit my machine, it physically bolted in but did not work with the software. i got screwed because i installed it even though he listed it for my machine. had to fight ebay and they honored the seller. and to top it all off i couldnt even NEG him! the one time a seller deserves it i couldnt do it. fucking joke.

  18. Pete happy belated fathers day🍺. Really loved this vlog. Thanks for sharing. Love yaπŸ’‹.

  19. Hey Pete love the channel. Quick question, do you print your labels from eBay or do you use a third party software? Thanks

  20. Happy Fathers Day . You are a very busy Men ..Hard worker ..thats why you have a good business. Love your videos a lot to…. learn .thanks for the video!!!

  21. How does pete handle delivering all of those orders to the post office? DO they pick up or does he drop them off? Does he use a cart or anything?

  22. Dude, I'll move there and pack shit up on Sundays for you! Hire me! I can learn a lot from the masters! Oh, and I'll pet sit for Milo and Ruby while I'm there. Hire me!

  23. Thanks Pete enjoyed this as usual

  24. Great video. Very cool watching you pack and answer questions!!!

  25. your sales spiked because ebay was offering coupon codes to buyers…on those days and my sales spiked as well ..more than I put 2 and 2 together

  26. Wow, great sale on the Yoda Lego! I really enjoyed the video Pete!

  27. how come u never show anyone buying anything from your store?

  28. Hello Pete I started to see your videos recently and you share very good information, I would like to know if you can talk more about how to list your products for 7, 10 or 30 days.
    Thank you

  29. Good video as always πŸ™‚ I just opened a Facebook for vinyl sales. Go to buy my stock as well. I was going buy new at the start but I got an itches I had to scratch lol

  30. Happy MILO Day to all the Viewers Out There……..

  31. No. If you offer free returns. The buyer cannot leave feedback, if it lets them Ebay will remove it for you. Ive talked to ebay directly. I always do free returns

  32. Hey Pete my understanding was that if you do free returns the buyer cannot leave negative or neutral feedback once you've accepted the return. That's one of the reasons I do free returns.

  33. I like this video because we get to see how you pack and get some questions, tips at the same time. I would consider doing this style vlog at the same time. It's a win – win for you as well since you get something done while vlogging. Thanks again for all the information.

  34. Nice video Pete. If you offer free returns then Ebay is supposed to remove all negative feedbacks no matter what.

  35. Happy Fathers Day! Cheers πŸ™‚

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