This Stuff Sells Quick on EBAY!

This Stuff Sells Quick on EBAY!

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RVA FLIPS Shirts, Mugs, Etc:
Contact Email for Business Inquires:

Help Support the Channel By Shopping at Amazon or EBAY for ANYTHING using the links below OR by purchasing any of my recommended products linked below!

RVA FLIPS Shirts, Mugs, Etc:

10×13 Poly Mailers
10×15 Clear Poly Bags
24″ Bubble Wrap
24×24 Poly Bags
8x8x4 Boxes (Hats/Funko)
9×12 Clear Poly Bags

Box Resizer
Boxes 12x9x4 (Action Figures)
Clothing Steamer
DYMO 4XL Thermal Printer
Ebay Thank You Stickers
Free 30 Day Prime Trial Membership
Generic DYMO 4×6 Labels
GoPro Hero 7
Labels for Custom Sku Barcodes
Light Kit w/ Back Drops
MacBook Pro 15″
Male Dress Mannequin Form
Measuring Tape
Microphone for Videos
Shipping Paper
Shipping Scale
Stretch Wrap for Shrink Wrapping
ULINE Tape Gun (2 inch Tape Version)
ULINE Tape Gun (3 inch Tape Version)

CBD Oil I Use –

Office/Gaming Chair:

RVA Flips Merch


Contact Email (Business Inquiries):

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46 Thoughts to “This Stuff Sells Quick on EBAY!”

  1. It’s amazing how efficient you are with shipping how detailed you box modifications and how well prepared you are with shipping when it comes to the complete shipping supplies a well variety of boxes poly mailers I’ve been taking notes and learning something valuable and new mostly every video you provide me with your such a good person sharing your time and knowledge with us your viewers an more important taking care of your family #FAMILYFIRST hell maybe someday I’ll get the privilege of meeting you as always you take care and God Bless you and your loved ones

  2. Thank you for the action figure shipping. That was helpful. Keep up the great work!

  3. 10:20 LMAO no comment…..ok I commented…..

  4. Got to mail as flat and light as possible in Canada to avoid the truly outrageous shipping costs,

  5. Justin, I am getting a lot of Funkos today after work, what size box do you use to ship just one out at a time? thanks man, if you don't answer here I'll hit the facebook group.

  6. Thank you so much doing a vid on shipping your so fabulous. When you post your item on eBay how do you know how much shipping will cost do u just weigh and guess or…. But i found this so helpful❤

  7. Keep the videos going. What is your average profit margin on your items? Just curious

  8. Can I ask you some questions about your products you sell on eBay, I was wondering why do you keep some products at your office; is that because you know they will sell the quickest, or at the time you didn’t have the room you needed before? Have you ever tried to put stuff in storage only once it has been listed, and leave the rest at the office until it has been listed on eBay? I was wondering about your business cards you put in your packages, have you ever tried to just prefill your poly mailers, and other mail bags with your business cards so you don’t forget to add them. The reason I ask, I just put my office together so I could start to do eBay and was looking for tips and tricks for the new office to help things along. Thanks for all the great videos. Can’t wait to see the other Pops you picked up!!

  9. :01 How dare you assume my gender

  10. Have you done a video or could you include in an upcoming video when your listing items how you figure out the best way to ship it. Just started listing on ebay 2 weeks ago and already have 8 sales. Have a lot more inventory to list, but keep getting stuck trying to figure out the best/cheapest way to ship it for the listing. Thanks for the daily videos they have been a huge help. Picked up Sons of Anarchy Complete series Reaper Gift set, Games of Thrones Complete series, Dexter Complete Series, and Walking Dead Complete series DVD's for $8 for everything at a garage sale Thursday!

  11. Can you say if you have or don’t have Pokémon cards in your next video. If you have them please explain where to find them

  12. Hey Justin,
    Yesterday I bought four funko pops 3 on its packaging and one loose. The loose one is JEDI CONAN . What's so special about this funko? Searched on eBay, 3 active listings with price range
    $80-100 obviously New. Can i sell JEDi with a good profit it just cost me $1.25? Thank you

  13. love the hustle Justin and congrats on this huge pop, pun intended lol 🙂

  14. Bro it all good just keep it coming

  15. Whats your pop Ebay account?

  16. Body mount camera for sure. The one handed stuff is crazy and causes me anxiety, as I sit here trying to reach thru the monitor to help you…lol!

  17. Ramdonly ended up here, subbed because this is extremely entertaining and interesting

  18. M C

    Thanks for showing us how you pack your sales. It really helps those of us who are new at this. 😉

  19. Thanx for the vids keep up good work!! Please clean the camera lens tho lol

  20. We also need to know the postage part there are alot of postage options out there thanks

  21. Un identified lol. Serious question how much of your funko pops we’re because of your viewers? Thinking of starting a channel for myself

  22. Cool Jason figure on your shelf of horror…. I didn't see a Michael Myers, though

  23. Was it just me or did the audio look delayed when he talked?

  24. I wanna see less shipping and more flip flops ………… Glad to see your household re-organization status is down from Defcon 5 to almost normal !

  25. I’m pretty sure you’ve uploaded this before

  26. Hello, first of all thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I have one question if you don't mind andwering. How do you handle "good till sold or canceled? "

  27. is it just me or is the voice off? looks like the making of a good ninja movie

  28. Why do you clear polybag things like game cases (the CoD3)

  29. sorry cant watch…did anyone else notice that the audio was out of sync or was that just me?

  30. Just take pictures of the funkos at the unit and list at home. 👍👍

  31. i happened to notice your keys – i have the same Bobo Fett keychain!

  32. Justin,
    You continue to be an inspiration for me and my ebay business. You lonnie, matt, thriftmine, Josh keep me on track…
    Thanks for the vids and knowledge.
    Big Jim

  33. I can't find a good Pop deal out here to save my life! Send me some of your luck Justin…

  34. Thanks Justin for your t-shirt support! It’s awesome using YouTube for good.

  35. Just got the lights from your affiliate link. Hope they help the lighting in my ebay cave. Continued success.

  36. The lighting is great in there. Looks good.

  37. To view description on mobile there is an arrow pointing downward to the right of the video title

  38. Keep up the uploads! your getting me addicted lol

  39. love the vids pls shout me out!

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