This Reseller Channel is a Diamond in the Rough! Look!

This Reseller Channel is a Diamond in the Rough! Look!

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►About Me:
I’m a 30 year veteran in reselling and have collected a great amount of knowledge on collectibles and video games. I’ve sold on Ebay since 1995 and yahoo auctions before that. I just got into selling on Amazon FBA and Merch by Amazon in 2015. I’ve learned a lot about marketing with Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.

►Weekly Videos:
I create weekly videos on stuff I find at Garage Sales, Thrift Shop, Flea Markets and Second hand stores. Also weekly videos on specific niches in the subject of collectibles, the series is called “Know Your Stuff” where I dive super deep into collectibles like Hot Wheels, Star Wars, Vintage Nintendo Games and stuff like that.

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14 Thoughts to “This Reseller Channel is a Diamond in the Rough! Look!”

  1. I found your channel through his…i subbed! Really enjoyed your beanie babies video

  2. I subscribed to him. I am tired of selling clothing. I’m not yielding profits 😞

  3. I started watching Radical Reseller early. I think I was like subscriber 15. Trent will show you things that you never considered. For example, on a video he went thru how to reset a phone before you sell it. I didn't know a phone had to be reset. I will watch this channel.

  4. Hi Chris! Thanks so much for the recommendation! It is very generous of you and it really helped my channel! My wife and I thank you at the beginning of my video today! Thanks again!

  5. I just subbed to you and to Chris! Thanks for the recommendation. I just started my reselling channel yesterday and I have a lot to learn. It's tough to grow on YouTube.

  6. Just subbed! Thanks for making us aware 😊

  7. His channel looks great; thanks for letting us know!

  8. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Subscribed

  9. I subscribed. Thanks Chris 🙋

  10. Loving the work dude!! Subscribed.

  11. I will totally subscribe as soon as I finish watching this! Sharing this video too, thank you! 😊

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