This could make international eBay sales blow up

This could make international eBay sales blow up

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Simple Export Rate on Pirate Ship:


Candice’s Making Strides American Cancer Society page:

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Stuff I Use: (affiliate links)

700 ft. Bubble Wrap:

LED Panel Lights:
4x4x8 Boxes:

Dymo 4XL Label Printer:

MacBook Air:

GoPro Hero 7 Black:

Gorilla Pod:

Deoxit D5:


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28 Thoughts to “This could make international eBay sales blow up”

  1. its better use the ebay global program since u ship to their center and they take care of there the rest and if it gets damaged or lost/stolen they take care of it too so u keep ur money/shipping money

    and for lower rate for the buyers its up to the seller to fill the weight correctly on the bottom of the listing so they get charge for that only . and if its multiple order just make a lot for that customer and its way cheaper too for them

  2. Hey Lonnie! Love watching your channel. I saw this post yesterday. Today I'm shipping a package to Malaysia. Thank you for sharing about Pirate Ship!! Really saves money!

  3. If it collapses they have only one business to blame, themselves.

  4. Can you do pirate shipping on ebay?

  5. What time today for the mugs to be up on sale?

    6pm Central!!!!!

    I found the answer in a reply

  6. One thing to note with the shipping through Pirate Ship that reduced rate does not include any insurance you have to purchase it seperately, the customer service person who added it to my profile told me to note that. But their private insurance is only 1.35 per 100.00 So still a good deal.

  7. are you going to lower shipping costs to canada now on your ebay stores

  8. way too much for used backpacks. nice mugs. check me out on ebay healthypreped29

  9. So, did you ever tell us where you got your mugs actually MADE? I want to have some mugs made. Could you possibly give me a link? Thank you.

  10. School started 2 weeks ago here in az 😮

  11. E-bay's global shipping program killed ebay for me. $15-25 shipping to Canada for a Hot Wheels car?

  12. Hi Lonnie – check messenger – I have messaged you 🙂

  13. I keep seeing the big batman and joker statue boxes in the top left corner of the shed when are you going to put those bad boys up

  14. Your next mugs should have, "Extra Fancy" on them.

  15. Lonnie, why don’t you use a print on demand supplier and then you won’t run out?!

  16. thank you for sharing that option on partnership I would like to learn a little bit more about it i use the global Shipping program but I would like to have another shipping options for Canada for it maybe cheaper for the customer and pick up more sell from canada i think gsp i may be to hight for customer from canada

    hope see a video from you setting that up

  17. I really like what you do. I have an ikea near me as well. I used to work there. I have some of the frakta bags with different patterns. I used them for laundry. I love it. Great for holding time when carrying big things.

  18. Traci is amazing, if you watch her videos, you can see those in her background. pretty cool, thanks for sharing Lonnie.

  19. Simple Export Rate is great, been using it for a while.

  20. Lonnie, I know you're very generous in selling the mugs to support such a worthy cause. But please KEEP ONE to put up on your shed wall. It looks so nice against the darker green .

  21. What's this Facebook community you talking About

  22. Thanks for sharing about the international shipping! I love Pam and Ryan over at Thrift Mine and I hope to be able to tune into the live show tonight!

  23. Look forward to the live show

  24. I've been using it for awhile and it works great, thanks for posting it I just haven't had time to do the vid yet. Good Job

  25. Wow…why doesn't PirateShip make us aware of this when we are already members? I just shipped a camera to Taiwan yesterday…could have saved over $7.00 if I had know about this. As always, thanks for informing us of new findings.

  26. Will set my alarm for the coffee mug lol thanks Dawn

  27. If I was to just watch this when it came out I would have saved a whole $4 shipping to Canada…wow can’t wait to use!

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