Thinking Big Enough: You Keep the Pennies. I'll Chase the Dollars.

Thinking Big Enough: You Keep the Pennies. I'll Chase the Dollars.

Gary recorded this #AskGaryVee with Chris Brickley and Alex Koblenz of 7X Media a few weeks back, but waited to release it because they have some really exciting stuff happening NOW. You’ll hear more about it in this episode 😉

Chris is the NBA’s top workout guru and has a great story of how he grinded to make his dream happen. 10 years later and he’s training guys like Kevin Durant, James Harden and some of the best basketball players in the world. His manager Alex has been right there beside him making it all happen. Check out for more and listen closely as they discuss important life lessons.

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Thinking Big Enough: You Keep the Pennies. I’ll Chase the Dollars. is a clipped video from Gary Vee’s Channel with a more direct message. You can find the original video here:

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