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36 Thoughts to “These Ebay Sales Are Nice But They Can't Keep Going Forever”

  1. I am so glad I happened upon your video thank you for being so honest

  2. Hey Josh! The "ugly ralph lauren shirt" u should have advertised as a badass WESTERN SHIRT n made $50!! Cuz that's what it is!! Tag as Coachellawear! Rodeo! Cowboy!

  3. So I picked up 2 Xbox ones juuuust before lockdown & got em both for a combined $14 total. They work (got lucky on that), are in pristine condition, & would sell immediately I know…but I’ve got one hooked up in my TV room & the other in my bedroom & I just can’t part with either, lol. So to your point- sometimes our arbitrage skills come in handy for finding the stuff we want to KEEP.

    AS ALWAYS- great stuff man

  4. It's so old hearing everyone else has these ebay sells. I have been doing some of the same things you all do. My sells are so slow.

  5. women size 4 are a sample size

  6. I've had alot of bad experiences lately on I'm ready for are thrifts to open.

  7. Studded shoes are Stripper heels 🙂

  8. I'm curious, I've been trying to sell a MacBook for about 2 days and I keep getting message off what looks like dodgy accounts. Do you have a way to verify whether an account is hacked/compromised or not?

  9. I don,t even have anything to list this lockdown is killing me

  10. Thanks for sharing Josh, I can't believe no trick shot. Ha Ha just kidding I'm sure you need a break from those.

  11. @Hairy Tornado Something that helps me list things on eBay is listening to a story

  12. I miss camping maybe I should put our tents ⛺️ up

  13. Now I'm starting to think those studded high heel shoes are yours and Hairy Tornado is really your drag name

  14. do you keep a giant spread sheet of all the items you purchased with all the prices? Or do you just have the worlds best memory? lol

  15. Hey Josh, what do you play on XBox?

  16. Love your camping in the back yard! 😊❤️

  17. Hi there Josh, I was just wondering what was one of your best sales from a thrift store pick up. I had one a couple of months ago I picked up from Goodwill about 44 AC thermostats NIB that they were putting out I bought them all for a $1.50 each. I ended up flipping them to one person a few weeks later for $35 each gross made over $1,200 for the sale my best ever. Thanks for the videos good information. Greenville South Carolina here.

  18. j v

    they may not go on until the end of time, but the change in shopping habits is probably changed to some degree for the foreseeable future. I suggest that being negative "can't go on forever" is not the best reaction. Rather, "I had better be prepared" is a good seller motto.

  19. Can Diamond Dallas Page get a Bang endorsement??

  20. Hey Josh. looking at the Sony Memory Stick/PC Card Adapter. I sold a similar item sealed in plastic packing, all details listed and clear on photos, quite cheap so NO Returns, buyer said item did not fit. was now out of sealed packing , refused return as "opened" and all details necessary clear. Ebay made me accept return.See your thrift stores are opening,do you- don't you? I live in the UK and during lockdowm /Quarantine we can go to Pharmacy & Food Stores I get some food shopping and wear a mask & surgical gloves, there are signs all over and markings stipulating keep minimum of 2 metres 6 feet distance between people however some people are either "stupid" dumb or naive and come right up to you in food isles and stand in groups talking, that's their lookout I stay safe (try to) so what do you decide? go take a chance or Stay Safe.

  21. Your shoe is like this one video game I have. I keep selling it, its been like 3x now, and they NEVER pay! I'm going to pair it with a system in the hopes of ditching it for real.

  22. Watching a reseller youtube content creator who "keeps it real" is so refreshing. I am a relatively new subscriber, and I'm glad I found your channel. Thank you, and best wishes! -Steven

  23. Just FYI… any women’s shoe size 5 or below, should be considered “youth”. I’d use that to get the price lower when you buy at GW. Plus, you’ll have better luck listing as girls, not women’s.

  24. The two items that were picked up by USPS that were not scanned in. I heard you say that one showed up. but did the other one ever show up?

  25. I agree that we all have to make the best decisions for our business based on our situation. For me personally, one of the thrift stores in my town just reopened and I have already gone once.

  26. Good stuff my Wife picked a huge box of free stuff off the curb Sunday had XBOX One games and controllers in it. shared on my instagram.

  27. love parks and rec, finally got my wife to watch the office, we finished it and are now watching p&r!

  28. I saw that bandanna swap 👀 thanks for keeping me occupied during these times

  29. Your phone is gettin you wasted now (referencing drink mixer)… what a world we live in. It’s fantastic 😂 dude! You’re watching Parks and rec right now too? That’s all we watch too at our house lately

  30. Up in Greenville , the stores have opened, went sourcing found a lot of treasures , we have a set of goodwill bin's up here as well as they had almost no one in the store , and we were able to get first dibs on a lot of stuff, a lot of good will even doing a 10% off reopening sale. How do you ships hate? envelope? or small box?

  31. Your place is a real mess. You need some serious organization.

  32. Hey josh great sales. I was recently looking at a liquidation pallet of a bunch of xbox controllers but was nervous because some of them were not tested and it was like $200 but I may have to reconsider… they seem to sell very fast

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