These are going straight onto eBay!

These are going straight onto eBay!

Thanks for watching! Contact me with any questions.

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33 Thoughts to “These are going straight onto eBay!”

  1. I don't have a place to list a custom SKU . I looked under item specifics. Do I need to have a store for that ?

  2. Matt what online auction sites do you buy from?

  3. I can't tell you how much I hate packing peanuts. As a buyer and selling, peanuts are the worst.

  4. Way to go matt. πŸ˜ŽπŸ“¦πŸ‘

  5. You are like me with your storage boxes. I get mine every time I go into a big chain shop, they have their veg in a double layer box with reinforced corners. They are perfect for stacking in lots of 5 high, so at the minute I've 20 of them and I increase that number by 1 each time I visit the store. It saves so much money compared to buying the equivalent.

  6. Yeah Man I had a dude do the same thing asking where my tracking number is and I personally have certain days I dont ship and also have a 3 day handling time but usually pretty good about sending within the first day but her started hitting me up as well Nonstop with alot of messages . Im like chill dude relax It will come

  7. Matt, if you have a scratched game but it still plays fine, do you still run it through the JFJ for presentation or sell it as is with scratches? Thanks

  8. Thanks Matt for another great video and for all your helpful tips!! I like how you're so laid back in your videos, you seem like a real cool dude!! Thanks again!

  9. "My glorious tape" hahahha

  10. I had no idea your eBay room was so big! Thanks for the tourπŸ’ƒ Please get some rest!

  11. Matt how do you function so well on barely any sleep?!😣 I used to be like you a few years ago when I had a 12-hr/shift job. I’m older now (35 like you) but I make sure I get at least 6 hours every day. I feel so much better, rested, energized when I do. I guess to each their own. You still kick ass regardless of how much you sleep!πŸ˜‰

  12. Glad u got the hooked on phonics! Thanks for video!

  13. Hands down, ya got the best reselling channel I've seen, so incredibly diversified….ok that is about a years worth of compliments…onwards !

  14. How do you decide what price to set on your items when you list them? Thanks for everything and your videos are awesome man!

  15. "This buyer was a little different". Me: Oh, he's an @sshole.

  16. He He… "All the kids are home alone…" Oops. I bet some parents may prefer that at times.

  17. where are these auctions your buying from

  18. Great video as usual. Get some sleep!

  19. Have to ask….did Carole Baskin or Joe Exotic buy said tiger pen?

  20. Matt, i love your insight on the reselling business. I've learned a lot. I have a question. I know you can have two accounts, Can you have 2 if you don't have a store? I am contemplating a store but now I'm getting so many free listings through July that I'm going to wait. Will there be restrictions on the second account. Thank you.

  21. I wanted to share with you. I sold a pair of Calvin Klein leather ladies tennis shoes. They fit into a poly envelope, but my husband and I were talking and decided that they could get squished and ruin the back of the heel, so i did a frankinbox of the 7x7x6 box. I cut the top two flaps opposite each other, and the same on the bottom, and then you squeeze the box and it gets half its width, which was perfect for the shoes. I did this with another box for ladies shoes also. Just a tip for you. The difference in shipping was only $.67 more. Hope you can use it some time!

  22. So glad to hear you are back at work! Hoping the rest of us will follow soon.

  23. πŸ’πŸ•πŸ€™

  24. Matt, Within the past couple of weeks, you mentioned in one of your videos that the 7x4x4 boxes you ordered from Supplyhut hadn't come and were late. Did you ever receive them and how long did it take from when you ordered them?

    I ordered some 8x6x4 boxes from Supplyhut on Saturday morning. They gave me a FedEx tracking number ASAP but the tracking shows they haven't given the shipment to FedEx yet. I sent them a message and they said they're backed up a lot with their orders. In 7-10 days, I'm going to run out of 8x6x4 boxes and will be in deep doo-doo if I don't have the shipment by then. When I purchased, the listing said I'd have the boxes by May 4th. Obviously that's not going to happen as they haven't even given the boxes to FedEx yet.

  25. I DREAD those kinda headaches..I feel like no matter how cool and nice I am There still gunna leave me a negative feedback cuz they just wanna or message me with a defect complaint that was clearly stated in the item description.πŸ™ƒ

  26. Matt, these people packed this a little better. But they wasted a lot of space in that really large box???

  27. Hey Matt, what shipping website do you use again for cheaper rates? And also, what's the website named where you do your auction purchases? I bought from and had the worst experiences and I believe they scam people, they scammed me lol. Thanks bud

  28. Hi Matt, just curious what your night job is. You must be super busy and tired with two jobs and yet you knock ebay sales crazy. Thanks for motivation.

  29. Great video like your storage set up πŸ‘

  30. What are the best action website

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