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43 Thoughts to “These 4 Ad Designs CRUSH Facebook Ads”

  1. What is the google chrome extension called? 🙂

  2. he doesn’t have a car behind him hes not successfull arrrggggggggg

  3. but my ads ac was suspended without reason

  4. Usually he’s very broad and just doesn’t say a lot about the steps on what to do, but this video has changed my mind about you. You aren’t just a millionaire who talks random shit for no reason

  5. What is the Facebook ads extension? that shows info about profit? please this is very interesting info

  6. bro, your audio is broken if i use my earphone only the left one has any voice

  7. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 awesome content

  8. Dark Psychology and Manipulation, if you listen to what he's saying.

  9. Love this channel my man, keep up the valuable content

  10. Test everything guys. I spend about $300K a month on Facebook, sometimes clear CTA's do better, sometimes sales videos do better, sometimes no primary text with a video does better…. Test everything and follow the data, correct data, with the use of Hyros

  11. Dude im just at 6 minutes and the value of this video is 1000% pure marketing

  12. That vid gave me so many insights.
    Awesome approach!

  13. Please alex don't make this channel blow up.

  14. you should do a Facebook AD review someday

  15. Step 1) figure out a way to pitch without pitching in ad training videos

    Step 2) tell people to run ads based on ROI (Good freaking luck without Hyros) lololol

  16. Wow, those were great insights. Profound.

  17. Great video Alex perfect for me

  18. Aren't you afraid that fb and other marketing platforms will just improve and hyros will be useless?

  19. Hey what's your thoughts on Brave and BAT?

  20. But how to use this information to sell physical products? Actual things.

  21. It's too bad I can't like this video twice…

  22. Realy good lessons on fb ads alex. Thanks🙏

  23. Hi alex, great vid.
    How can you use this format to eccomerce and physical products?

  24. “Hyrulians,”🔥🔥🔥 woke af

  25. Please more content of this you really nailed the marketing space I didn’t know you knew all this

  26. How did I just find your second channel, Becker? I'm gonna give this a shot for my mom's business.

  27. this alex guy must have cut the power cord to his television. i also suspect his house is empty

  28. The Value on this video worth Millions.-

  29. Rob

    Solid but how many sales generated the revenue? Seems like an important thing to factor in instead of just revenue which can randomly come from a good phone call with a sales rep and a well prepared company. It’d be interesting for you to unpause one of the losing campaigns and let it run at scale and see if the increased post click revenue holds up… then you might be onto something otherwise this is extremely random with a lot of untracked metrics

  30. X r

    Fingerprint tracking? Really. 🙁

  31. Your Ad content is the best. When I'm looking to scale, Hyros will be my go to!

  32. This kinda contradicts the "want pizza get pizza" style Becker used in the past, but i do get the nuances of this method.

  33. Headline is 90% of the ad. If they only knew! You found a hack Alex to shortcut testing.

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