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The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Stocks (2021)

The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Stocks (2021)

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Hey friends, in this video I’ll give you a complete breakdown of how to get started with investing your hard earned cash, what various terms mean in the financial world and how to avoid taking high risks.

Additional resources:
Graham Stephan – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV6KDgJskWaEckne5aPA0aQ
Andrei Jikh – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGy7SkBjcIAgTiwkXEtPnYg
Mr Money Mustache – https://www.mrmoneymustache.com/
JL Collins Stock Series – https://jlcollinsnh.com/stock-series/
Ramit Sethi – I Will Teach You To Be Rich – https://geni.us/YkKIk
Your Money or Your Life – Book Club – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgOmBWdK84k

00:00 Intro
00:56 – What happens to my money over time?
02:00 – Stop money from losing value over time.
02:35 – How do I make money?
03:52 – What is an investment?
05:34 – What are shares?
07:09 – How do I buy a share?
08:17 – How do I decide which shares to buy?
09:34 – What’s an index fund?
15:12 – Isn’t investing risky?
20:55 – When should I get started?
23:39 – How much money do I need to get started?
25:39 – How do I begin?

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35 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Stocks (2021)

  1. This is the first youtube video that makes sense to me, thank you

  2. I love that you watch graham too I seen the index fund thing coming thank you for all your help and explanations for all that both of you have helped and taught me soo much

  3. I'm new to forex and I find it difficult using strategies well. Where can I find a legit broker? that will manage my account and also teach me how to trade

  4. Who would've thought that a person with no financial background could create an ULTIMATE guide. No other guides or information needed. He said it himself, this is the ULTIMATE one.

  5. I want to invest in an index fund but im 18 and dont have much of an income currently. I tried making an investing account but due to my lack of income I can't any ideas how to get around this anyone?

  6. "The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing."ย  I am a widow living with my 2 children in Alicante, Spain. My husband passed away in 2014 through a car accident, and I became the only one taking care of our Children. Things became very difficult for us when I lost my job last year due to the pandemic that I started selling my husband's properties until a friend of mine introduced me to Maria's investment. I started investing with the little I had at that time, and in less than 14 days I received my profits, all thanks to Maria's investment for bringing smiles back to my family again. Please invest with her.

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  8. I have been watching some videos and I was thinking about investing in bitcoin or forex , but still don't know where to start from, is Elson sebastian a good recommendation?

  9. Do you ever sell any of your investments? Because if you never sell it seems like… yeah you're making money in theory, but it's not money you can spend. I already have an emergency fund and a retirement account, but I'd like to save up for something like a sabbatical from work or buying a house at some point in the future. Is it even worth investing that money?

  10. Thank you Ali. Constructive, concise, and super helpful. Appreciate it.

  11. maybe the great reset will manage to destroy the way we know the market; " you will own nothing and you will be happy".

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  13. genuinely, I am so glad I came across your video! I am 17 about to turn 18 in under a month and have wanted to know how to get into stocks but never knew where to begin. May your life have many blessings to come in the future! Great video with straight-to-the-point facts that were really easy to understand.

  14. Would student loans be a problem with your first rule of: Make sure your debts are paid off?

  15. ? For real Mr Kelvin Cohen trading service are really great, I invested $10000 and cashed out $25,700 on just 3weeks.

  16. # I can't disclose too much, but yea I've been using a coach called Mr kelvin Cohen ' 'and through his guidance, I've been able to make approx. $24,000 in dividends on a monthly basis, it is pretty straightforward, not as complicated as it used to be.

  17. You should know it's easy and hard to make that much profit. I say EASY because it's very possible to make that much, and Hard because you'll need professional assistance to do it, I'd suggest you get assisted by a market advisor.

  18. Ali, great video, thank you! What do you think about managed investment accounts (like the ones provided by the bank)? They themselves can invest in index funds, but manage your portfolio for you, for around 1% (depending on the amount). You are a great fan of outsourcing. Is this a good example for successful outsourcing?

  19. I lost my family savings trading and now my husband wants to divorce me. Feel like committing suicide ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  20. 12:40 ayy I saw hunter ร— hunter in the tabs, I'm glad you watch that anime because thats my favourite one

  21. How to invest when you know that you'll have to take education loans in near future?
    Should people invest if they have to go abroad for Masters/MBA? (Given that they have to take a loan of say USD 100k). You've been teaching about compounding, but how should one plan their investments when they're about to be loaded with debt? Should a person invest now, take out money later, payback debt fast and then resume investing?

  22. Lol i dont even understand what do the website do be tryna say

  23. After my first million I realized that when a stock starts booming chances of you finding out means you are quite late to the party, for this I make sure my CFA handles that, it's like turning your notifications to earn more millions.

  24. How do you like get the money from investing. Does it automatically go into your bank if you made money. Or do you just never get your money untill you sell it ?

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  30. I used to see Forex trading as a side thing but it has proven to be a major source of passive income ever since I ventured into it.

  31. The best way to invest 30 minutes of your life!

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