The Truth Behind Retail Arbitrage

The Truth Behind Retail Arbitrage

The Truth Behind Retail Arbitrage and selling on Amazon FBA. This is the truth about selling retail arbitrage items on Amazon and eBay as a reselling business.

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38 Thoughts to “The Truth Behind Retail Arbitrage”

  1. Hi there, great video. I am 3 weeks in working like crazy. scanning like crazy but I love it. I am still doing FBM. Looking to transition to FBA in a few weeks. Have u done FBM? And how are the fees vs FMA

  2. You can tell me what you're sourcing. I won't go out and grab it for a couple weeks.

    But seriously, going out to find what you're selling would be the last thing I'd do, like bidding on liquidation pallets. I watch these vids and then go out and scan to see what's profitable right then.

    You ought to just wait however long before you share your bidness on YouTube, or if it's stuff you always sell, just don't reveal those things

  3. Lol with those profit margins, Edgar of you just show up in the back with a box truck and just load it up then go straight to the post office, Bing bam boom!

  4. So that is what you sold not what you profited right.

  5. How are some of you able to identify profitable arbitrage products outside of the clearance products?

  6. A YouTuber first and a reseller second. Yep, I've noticed that too with a lot of resellers. Once they get subs, they start selling courses, etc. So sad. They drank the Kool-aid 🙁

  7. Great video Shane. I often wondered why you showed so much of your RA purchases. I was sure others would but them up and tank the price. Some resellers have no patience. Better to share the buy box than tank the price and ruin it for everyone. RA is hard! I do it part time and have scanned for hours and hours and have only found a few items where I have little or no competition and makes a good profit. Those items are great, but they are few and far between. I came from Ebay and used to be a quick flipper, but Amazon taught me to be patient and get my price. Now even on Ebay I hold my price, let the quick flippers sell out, and get my higher profit. 🙂

  8. Shane , As a new seller @ Amazon , can I sell flower seeds & body wash ?

  9. I’ve been doing my homework on RA myself. I’m always looking for that hustle to make money to improve my life forecast. If you sit idly by and allowing status quo to rule your life you’ll never grow as an individual. I work a 9 to 5, I also have a second job that takes 20-30 hours. Time is my most valuable resource. What I’d love to see in an amazon RA video is the ugly stuff. How do you prepare a shipment? What’s amazons payment schedule for FBA. Telling people that’s it’s so easy is a lie. As someone starting out I want to know what they don’t tell you. Where do you source boxes for shipping and do you only package product that is selling in Multipack in a self adhesive poly bag or does everything ship loose in box. What about label printing? There is nothing sexy about those topics at all and I generally never see them discussed. That would be a great video.

    Keep up the great work. I subbed a week ago to your channel after seeing you on Thrift Trader and getting a plug from him. You 2 are great and genuine and the content keeps me learning. I have no interest in eBay myself right now but you have to constantly educate yourself.

  10. Hey Shane here's a thought consider recording the video for retail arbitrage as you're buying the product but do not release it until after you sold out of the product and it's already not profitable from your end any then release it. There's a lot of you tubers you do that all the time too that's why it's stupid hard to find a bunch of products For Amazon now I'm actually contemplating going the opposite direction because of us you suggested I stick to books and I can't find anything in books it's terrible.

  11. Good to see you back. I do both Amazon and eBay. I weigh the profits on each and see where the most profit is. Like I picked up some games that, after fees, there was more profit on eBay. But it does take more time. I have to handle each item, package and ship. Amazon is way easy but the restrictions are killer. Even after 8 months I’m still heavily gated. So those items go to eBay. Books are good on Amazon. Love doing books. Anyway. Don’t give away your secrets so much that they cost you your living. You Need to make a profit first and foremost. Then just toss us the crumbs. 😀

  12. This is the video everybody (myself included) interested in RA needed to see! Thank you for being so transparent unlike most youtubers

  13. Great video Shane! Yes not sharing your RA finds not only helps your sales out it but helps people like me who are out there hustlin finding items.. and we may find the same item and not even know, and since its not on YT then it makes us both money and rinse and repeat! Keep it up man!

  14. Most of the people doing videos for Amazon and eBay do it for the money .You sell nothing on eBay but you’re the guru for selling on eBay . You say stuff like $.20 tax and a dollar that’s made up you say I sell on Amazon 70 to 60% you would think you would know what you sell come on man I think you just make up numbers.

  15. if it was easy ,everybody would do it…true words Shane

  16. Love the transparency Shane. Maybe you could do a video on how to price items that you find to sell on eBay. I hear a lot about don’t tank prices but what I’m not hearing enough of is how do you figure your price point for your eBay sales.

  17. Very interesting Shane. Thank you for your honesty. I’ve tried some Dollar Tree items for eBay. I still have most of it and the items that did sell, took forever. I enjoy thrifting, estate sales and the bins the most. I’m sticking with that for now!

  18. Those yourubers showing their RA products lack a basic understanding of supply and demand.

  19. RA, wholesaling, dropshipping, affiliate marketing are all good models where you can make good money but like anything it's a hustle you get out what you put in. Another problem is most ppl don't focus on one thing they're all over the place I was told a long time ago a jack of all trades is a master of none…

  20. Keeping it 💯… lazy ppl only want to buy what you show them… the hardest part of this business is figuring out how to be the one to get those good finds.teaching ppl to fish might not be as hot as showing what you cought. But it does separate the weak from the bold!

  21. I’m glad I found a true honest YouTuber!! It’s not easy for sure, I’ve made a little, but with your help I have made and not lost profits like I did before! So I appreciate your help a lot!!

  22. The TRUTH will set you FREE! RA Exposed? You brought up some very valid points for sure!

  23. HT is a YouTuber who resells. Some of his advice is good but some is bad. He is too new to be an authority.

  24. It sounds like maybe you were spending so much time helping everyone else make money that you neglected what was best for you. I’m so glad you were able to step back and focus on what was best for you and your family. I was in a similar situation several years back (not with reselling) and I realized I was drowning so made some changes for the better. There is a happy medium between taking care of ourselves and being able to help others, but sometimes that’s hard to find. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  25. Great video Shane! Keep doing what is best for you!

  26. I did the Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage when I was on Amazon and that was a flop because of the gated thing. So now I am stuck with them on ebay and they are not moving/selling. I have a lot of toys that I got on clearance last Christmas and still not moving. Just selling on ebay but just worried right now of not making money on eBay. Plus I see the same products at Dollar Tree online, and I buy it from them instead of the store.

  27. Yeah it is not always easy. Sometimes I go to 10 retail shops looking for items to sell on ebay. Only come home with 2 items.

  28. That Death Row shirt is Gangsta!

  29. I told u about the tanking prices bc of the videos awhile ago

  30. Waited all day for this Shane! lol. 20cent tax on a $1? You in a blue state?

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