The Secret To Success When Starting A Social Media Marketing Agency

The Secret To Success When Starting A Social Media Marketing Agency

In this video, I reveal something that I have only ever taught to my elite coaching mentees. Something that I learnt in my years of corporate sales jobs. This is absolutely key to your success as an agency owner.


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25 Thoughts to “The Secret To Success When Starting A Social Media Marketing Agency”

  1. 6:31 video actually starts, jesus bro

  2. When I start my agency do I have to get llc or business license.

  3. Would like to see you host an event in South Florida

  4. I am asking myself all the time why I work so hard for somebody else but I can't do the same for me ?! 🤔 Great content Jordan 👌 I have good sales skills but the key is discipline

  5. Looking for a social media account manager with Chinese contacts……alexomachzz at gmail…

  6. Fuck me. I've literally just realised that I've been thinking about earning money and what I'm going to do with it and yet I'm not even doing anything I just go to college and am a lazy fuck. This has made me want to change massively. Let's have it

  7. Almost every video you’re talking about success and signing clients. Please, start doing videos about how actually DO social media marketing job. Which social media platforms are better for advertising for different types of business. How to create campaigns from the beginning to the end, FB ads, insta and so much more to teach people!!) I think, now, everyone from your subscribers know how to find and sign clients, but we won’t be successful just by signing them! We need to do great smm job also!) so please, make videos about this. Thank you very much! I’m enjoying your content

  8. Any small youtubers wanna help each other grow??🤗

  9. Thanks Jordan. Exactly what I needed to hear. Time to reach out to at least 20 clients a day, regardless of how I feel.

  10. mate i like your work but now you didnt stick the point

  11. Good day Jordan, please i need assistance to pay for the shipping of the 15 minuite Agency book. My attempt failed because i attemted more than once.

  12. Congrats Jordan! I love your accent by the way. 🙂

  13. This is exactly what I needed to hear, thank you so much Jordan!

  14. I’ve got to be honest, you are the best SMMA owner in the space right now. I feel blessed to even have the same name as you 😂!

    I’ve been struggling a lot with nerves before calling but I’m feeling so much better as of the last few weeks. It’s taken me so long to overcome and I’m not quite there yet, but this has helped a lot mate. Can I ask what niches you currently focus on? And what you would you recommend as a first client? I’m working on the restaurant, eCom, dentistry and gym niches at the moment. I found my early prospecting to be poor, but it’s gotten a lot better recently.

    Thanks for the insane content bro 🤙🏻👌🏻

  15. Thank you, well spoken!

  16. I really resonate with this and this is something that I was going on about last nighhht. For every job I’ve had, all business operations and all employee tasks are SYSTEMS, usually step by step. There is clearly defined standards and it’s put into a SYSTEMATIC, EFFICIENT PROCESS.

    As a consultant, this was the most important thing to implement into my business.

  17. Wow The sound quality was noticeably better when the yeti mic came on! Sick

  18. dude – you're one of the only people whose advise i took and it actually works

  19. I like the youtube subscriber count in the background, I might need that for my channel haha

  20. Could you do a video on how to learn social media marketing itself?

  21. Dude you just called me lazy, am embarrassed of myself.

    Thanks. I needed this. Monday is game on

  22. Thank you for this Jordan, I have the problem but now I will fix that. I will keep you updated.

  23. This is the wakeup call i needed.

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