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The Secret to Making More Money is to Stop Chasing it | Tea With GaryVee

The Secret to Making More Money is to Stop Chasing it | Tea With GaryVee

Tea With GaryVee is a Q&A show where Gary answers questions in a much more detailed, slower format. He gets deep! In this episode, Gary answers questions about starting a business, getting back into your passion, blocking out negativity, and more! For a chance to be on the show, text your question and number to 1-212-931-5731, or if you’re international tweet your question with the hashtag #teawithgaryvee… Enjoy!


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32 thoughts on “The Secret to Making More Money is to Stop Chasing it | Tea With GaryVee

  1. Here is another conversation I recently had around "smart money" vs "fast money": https://youtu.be/VN6YWPwU-24

  2. Gary, very few if any Central American well known b-ball players. It’s more of a Caribbean coast affair plus northern Mexico.

  3. m

    people who have a job chase money every day that's why they will never get rich. Those that get rich dare to loose a lot of money on something so uncertain just to have that small chance of big succes.

  4. Gary vee you are my motivation i subscribe to all your shows and also made my own youtube channel in order to follow your footsteps. I love you I am 14yrs by the way and i also want to become an instrumentalist making youtube videos and uploading to my channel have no made any yet so pls can u give me feed backs thanks a lot. My channel is FAVOURSAX(FAVSAX) hoping to here your comment THANK YOU!!!

  5. Everyone who likes this comment i sub to and sub to me back (im fast)

  6. Can anyone on here help me out with some direction on the technicalities of running a show like this?

  7. I was listening to this whilst typing and not looking at the screen and I heard AJ speaking and my first thought was “he sounds just like Gary V”, turned round and saw his surname 😂

  8. I can't understand 100% but i hope i can do that in English thank u anyway!!

  9. Garry how to be live with you in this show? is there any registration process ? or i just tweet my question on twitter and how do i get the answers?


  10. my whole life changed with the help of, e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m

  11. Been here since day one subb to my chanle if you want subbs also I edit vidds and please subb indeed it like this so gary can see

  12. This is lit, Jaycee!!! Dancer and aspiring entrepreneur here too! Followed you on IG and I'd love to connect!!

  13. I love Gary Vee. Daily positivity. I am in Italy. Does anyone know about flipping things in Italy?? I haven’t seen a garage sale all year. 😂

  14. I love how Gary's face light up when a youngster comes up on the screen :).. that kid was sweet!

  15. Who all loved the previous TeaWithGaryvee intro?😑😌

  16. Making money is not a passion and enough to motivate you to make it

  17. @ I don't have twitter But I'd love to be on your show . I live in Sydney Australia and would absolutely love to have the opportunity to have a few minutes with you .

  18. Gary, where should people learn about building a business?

  19. Money = Freedom
    It may not directly equal happiness but it SURE FUC%ING HELPS!!!

  20. Hey Gary… I have been watching tons of your videos and I've got to say you are incredibly enlightened on life💯 I have a mission to unleash truth on the world and help humanity as a whole find themselves in acceptance. DIVERSITY IS KEY is my motto. I have the plans on my mind and the dedication in my soul to change the human train of thought for the better… I just don't have the guidance or money I believe is needed to pursue said goal… I'm trying to do so by starting the brand Zesh, But I have no connections in the business industry and am reaching out to you hoping I'll get the chance to share my story with you and seek out different ways Zesh could benefit you and everyone else in this world. I know the chance someone as amazing a you seeing this is slim but regardless if you respond or not just know you will see Zesh in the future.

  21. Now This Is Exactly What Am Talkin About

  22. Any comments on TikTok getting banned?

  23. Thank you Garyvee
    Thank you so much I've learned so much from your views
    You should total have your own talk show am one of your biggest fan
    I also started a YouTube video recently to motivate young females one of your videos motivated me to do this
    I have a YouTube channel would love the support

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