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The Secret to Get More "Yeses" When You Ask | Tea with GaryVee

The Secret to Get More "Yeses" When You Ask | Tea with GaryVee

Tea With GaryVee is a Q&A show where I answer questions in a much more detailed, slower format. We get deep! This episode covers a bunch of questions around the responsibility of leaders, how to stay focused and confident when delivering your message, when to give up on a side hustle, and more! For a chance to be on the show, text your question and number to 1-212-931-5731, or if you’re international tweet your question with the hashtag #teawithgaryvee…Enjoy!


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50 thoughts on “The Secret to Get More "Yeses" When You Ask | Tea with GaryVee

  1. I listen to you everyday really appreciate everything u do n speak about the community world ❤??? help insight n change alot plp lives including mines?

  2. I remember when vee was on stage rubbing his nipples so yeah my nigga came a long was

  3. Why’s he calling clever a kid he’s only 9 years younger then him

  4. Exactly content vs what u wanna make and what ppl want.

  5. I loved that protein bar talk, excelent ideas for any kind of business.

  6. GARY! Please how do I get on this show? Im a Canadian fashion designer. Would love to hash it up with Gary for a second. Lots of questions (of course I'll be mindful and pic 1 or 2). Thanks for everything Gary!

  7. I hear “you need to understand” so much when people approach me. Also many try to get me to view their product before developing a relationship. It really doesn’t work. People want others to understand their needs before value is offered.

  8. LISTEN TO CLEVER HE IS A ONCE IN A GENERATION ARTIST "Stick By My Side" , "Loyalty" , "King of Nowhere" & "Forever" By Justin Bieber Ft. Clever & Post Malone #clever

  9. Garvyyy is the man , I have taken all of Garvyyys advices. Jumped out of my comfort zone, now I’m targeting to make a million! I have even just created a YouTube Channel to follow my progress. My first vlogs is talking about dreams. I would love some support / feedback so please hit subscribe button and check and check it out.

  10. I watch this everyday and then I go execute.

  11. “Data is the past, my intuition is the future.” We must gain the experience before we can craft our tomorrow.

  12. Amazing work Gary! Keep it up, you're doing a lot of good in this world.

  13. THANK YOU GARY!! I just started to take your advice about making content that I LOVE… and my channel is starting to grow drastically! I love music, and I started Reaction videos and giving my input on performances and I am excited to say that my audience is growing nicely and I can't wait to grow it enough to monetize the channel! This is the fastest I've grown any platform… it isn't much yet but I can see the HUGE potential! Thanks Gary!!!!!

  14. Love this so much! Needed to hear this. Thank you Gary!

  15. Is it a contradiction to say, Well, the content i wanna make has nothing to do with tiktok. Gary says, "Get on tiktok" then says there is a difference between making content you want to make and care about versus the content people want you to make. ??? I phrased that terribly ?

  16. Who else is here studying money to get wealthier during Covid-19?


    Am Who I Am. My Name Is My Name.

  17. LOVE this Gary, there are literally limitless opportunities to make money online.. The biggest differentiating factor between those who end up as millionaires and those who end up broke, is that millionaires have a GIN mentality. If they don’t know how to do something, they GOOGLE IT NOW, while broke people just give up : ) lets get it guys! ????

  18. Gary I came across you speaking In a motivational video would love to have you on a Monday morning livestream I do to talk to content creators and motivate them that they can achieve their dreams.

    I am doing it to bring hope and I am working with the national suicide prevention lifeline to give people hope and motivation not to give up.

    My channel trailer is my personal story and why it's so important to me

  19. This Is So Good just To hear his Coice

  20. "Truth will always shine
    There's no hiding in life"
    Wow that's it.

  21. Your so awesome garyvee ☺️☺️

  22. he’s the ben shapiro of entrepreneurs

  23. How does a person get on this webcast? I have a question and conversation with Gary that I think many people can benefit from.. I've listened to innumerable hours of Gary's videos, I have a great idea of his mindset (because we think similarly in regards to human behavior) and I largely agree with him, but I think he can give me some particular insight into my situation that no one else is qualified to give.

  24. We are going to be watching every video of GaryVee, starting with this the latest. It will take long but i know will be worth it in the long run.

    ps – we love your material on instagram

  25. Awesome episode Gary! Glad you're doing well

  26. Z B

    I have no idea what that syrian moaazz guy was even saying

  27. Moaaz saw the opportunity, took it and ran with it like a champ. No shame ?

  28. For real. If you're in music and not on
    Tik Tok, you don't exist. Music goes crazy on there.

  29. Gary thanx for convincing me to stop fantasizing about what haters are thinking before I DM. That's some sick shit to let myself get frozen by those thoughts. It's not even real. I DM like crazy cause of you. It's working. It's old school prospecting on new school tech.

  30. Can Gary hear the intro music?
    He comes in so low energy compared to music. Love yall. Aloha

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  32. Hey Gary, hope your team sees this. Just a little feedback on this series. The Guest mic is always “louder” than yours. I listen while packing my eBay orders every morning. It becomes difficult to hear you sometimes because of the unbalanced audio.

    Thanks for the great content! You’ve been very helpful in my life and career as an eBay seller and soon to be YouTube content creator.

  33. @19:20 Play energy – "it doesn't get refined in your head, it gets refined by living it."

  34. 1️⃣4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣1️⃣

  35. Ok theory that this is a flipbook and it's basically trying to the story their trying to tell us idk whatever it is keep it up your doing great job oof bad English

  36. “Just because somebody has money, why the fuck should they give it to you”. This is something I’d been trying to figure out for a little while. But this perspective is how I look at the world now, identifying ways to add value and serve. Gary your a legend ??

  37. Love the last one, a truly perfect ending to this session. It's awesome when everyone comes together to help! All of you are awesome!

  38. ? was this the last one??!?!!?!!!!!

  39. Nice job Dustin with the backlash on first caller

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