The Roommates Talk The Lies We Believe About Men, Male-Female Frustration, Rebuilding Hope + More

The Roommates Talk The Lies We Believe About Men,  Male-Female Frustration,  Rebuilding Hope + More

This week on the podcast Hafeez and Chris discuss debunk the lies being told about about men, the animosity between men and women, creating a path to a healthier future + more.

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The Roommates Podcast is a late-night conversation taking you behind the scenes of “becoming” featuring all the interesting people, perspectives, and conversations you’d experience on the way. The Roommates brand of conversation is entertainment like a standup, educational like a TED talk and enlightenment like a sermon.

The Roommates have been featured by The Atlantic, Houston Chronicle, Houstonia Magazine, Houston Style Magazine, and The National Alliance of Mental Illness. They were also featured on OWN Network’s show The Book of John Gray Season 2.

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42 Thoughts to “The Roommates Talk The Lies We Believe About Men, Male-Female Frustration, Rebuilding Hope + More”

  1. Church plays on emotions and in my opinion that's why so many women are there. Once a man uses logic he realizes that the church is not a house of god. It's a racket to brainwash you. I'm a believer, but I'm more spiritual than religious. Also, most biblical characters were single, if they were married their wives left or disobeyed them. You have a few biblical women who were faithful, but the bible exposes alot of truths about females. However, society caters to them because we are living in the last days and the easiest way to destroy the connection with God is to destroy the head of the house. Women get a pass to GOlike we playing Monopoly and that boosts their ego. They dont have to respect men, the government has a ton of programs for them to succeed, and consumerism keeps them occupied or a lack of a better term "DISTRACTED." I'm good by myself. Dont need a legacy, kids, millions, or materials. I have my guns, dog, 8 acres, and tiny house that suits me just fine. Everyday is peaceful.

  2. Omg the God, daddy comment is eye-opening

  3. This is my favorite episode of all!! All points are spot on, and exactly what I've been saying for years!

  4. Also. the dominant/high end fields you are referring to are mainly ran by Old White men.

  5. When you split the Stats down by race then the % of black men and black women in alot of cases we damn near make the same. Us as black people as a whole make less than our white counterparts.

  6. I like the topics you discuss in this episode about men

  7. Man you could hear the passion when he started talking about that little boy Christian.

  8. Limiting “spirituality” to the Christian church. Is part of the problem In Black America. The Church breeds some of the most toxic behavior in the community.

  9. I appreciate the conversation on female/male dynamics lately. To me, these conversations are starting to sound a little bitter. I loved when you all had Devon Franklin on talking about black men taking responsibility for their actions and traumas. It seems there has been a shift in ideology.

  10. I’m so glad that these young men are being groomed and lead by some great men 😍 Keep up the great work🙏🏾

  11. I also didn't understand why you weren't contextualizing the stats you brought up through the lens of race. The two of you are clearly black and I would assume the majority of your listening audience as well. You are speaking to mostly black folks dating heterosexually, I would assume. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) So I don't know why you utilized general stats that would mostly reflect the wealth distribution of white america when wealth and salaries in black america looks quite different.

  12. Your stat about the millionaire next door book was incorrect. Most millionaires do have a bachelor's degree. Many have advanced degrees as well. I would encourage you to go back and reference.

  13. Mhm that was interesting. I appreciate the honesty and male perspective on the spirituality/church portion.

  14. I usually love your show but this one was not for me. I think maturity was missing from this conversation. It would be interesting for you two to discuss this same topic twenty years from now. Character is about what people do when no one else is looking.

  15. 43:00 you never heard of the prodigal son? I got questions…

  16. Lmfao, what is the masculine church? Back when they burned witches at the stake? Terrorists strapping bombs to themselves? Gtfoh.

  17. “Not the funnest thing in the world”… who is oriented to just seek fun? Not adults. That is for children. Yet more evidence how you are regressed.

  18. If promiscuity in men isn’t a sign of bad character what is? Major double standards. Yes… men who are forever bachelors are judged as manchildren, not fully formed men. Because history has associated men with taking on a legacy and creating a family. It is the opposite coin of the “crazy cat lady”… the lonely old man with a bottle.

  19. 10:00 high paying jobs held by white men. Our black men have a different set of statistics. I heard in Chicago the unemployment rate was 50% for black men. We are trying to find stable..emotionally available black men who make an income to maintain a household and… arent finding it.

  20. Bc the average woman’s goal is not to date indefinitely, a man who is comfortable with just sleeping w her for years on end without the commitment of marriage would, in my book, be considered a man with ‘questionable character.’

  21. What a great discussion! I love your channel and what you guys are doing! As a single mother I could definitely relate, you brought up so many valid points. Maybe one day yal can bring a single mom with a son on the show I would love to know how we can make a difference!

  22. Nurses…women in the health-care field

  23. Facts on that feminine portion of western church. That’s part of why I felt men shouldn’t be praising in the same women do; we just move different. Moving with pride and grace is praise

  24. If you don't know you have the capacity for violence how can you be compassionate?

  25. If you know how to be violent you also have the potential for compassion. Right?

  26. The guys are not making more money, the gap has closed.

  27. A fool basis his perspective off of what other people think. A wise person basis his perspective on what he knows to be correct. It's important to establish what is the base of your understanding of the world. Otherwise, you are like a person who is trying to cover the world with leather to not experience any thorns. Better to learn how to make shoes.

  28. I agree the church is pretty feminine in America. I do think it’s accurate to say relationship with God. Jesus says he will reject people in Matthew 7 because He ‘never knew you’. The relationship isn’t always how the American church thinks of it, true, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a relationship at all.

  29. Anyone remember the name of the book he mentioned?

  30. Men might make more money on average because there are higher earners who are men but it might not be evenly distributed. Women might make less capital but might have a more even distribution. For instance how many men are in the 1% vs. women? Also, does equality mean sameness? if so is this not irrational? when have you seen sameness in nature? It is due to differences we can have unity. Without differences, unity isn't possible. Maybe we shouldn't all try to be the same. That includes being the same by trying to be the same. Its ok to be yourself. You have something to offer this world.

  31. I hear what you’re saying, that there are a lot of broken men out here and that broken people hurt others and we as women should have more compassion. But to what extent? I know many women, myself included, that have high compassion for our black men and we give you chance after chance bc we believe and know you are better than what you’re doing.. but there comes a point where giving so much leeway puts our mental wellness in danger and most times we get to the point where we have taken on your damage bc we become your punching bag (not always figuratively) and at that point I cannot continue to put myself on the sidelines to hold you up if you aren’t willing to do your own self work. Generally in relationships you find women being more of the emotional bearer and I know most don’t think that’s heavy, but it becomes very heavy when you’re in a relationship with a severely damaged man. You’re introduced to years of his hurt and pain and at the same time, we’re expected to “take it” bc our man is damaged. Yet we don’t see that same self sacrifice when the roles are reversed.

  32. One thing to consider… if a woman in her mid-thirties to late 40s is looking for a mate, that age group of men have most likely had kids or been married. If they have a high income, a large portion goes to child support or spousal support

  33. Lol I swear you people hang around some kind of specific type of women because like lmao anyways the reason men are always labeled as the bad guy isn’t because you don’t want marriage or you don’t want blah blah blah. The reason is deceit. Pure and simple deceit on every level. Put it in any situation that a women says a man is trash is because the women feels he was being deceitful. Men lack the resource to be truly honest and accountable for their actions. It’s deceit on life uttering things not your petty stupid lies,like not wanting to get married or not wanting children. You can be a great guy sure but you can also have trash qualities too.

  34. I’ve read that book “Why Men Hate Going to Church”, too. What’s insane is I feel that a lot of things many men hate about church, many women hate, too. Which may be one key reason why a lot of people under 40 have quit going once they’ve become an adult.

  35. This episode was very insightful.

  36. Hypergamy. The 80/20 rule. The mean vs the median. <– Keys missed to Hafeez's misunderstanding about men vs women. There are multiple factors

  37. I know this is a long shot but I wish you could replace "girls" with "women". Im 37. I wanna hear about grown women

  38. You make good points at the beginning "how can both be true". I think the wording matters, are they saying women are making more than men-compared to 1985- or are they saying women make more than men NOW. But bottom line..math aint adding up

  39. Wisdom from Hafeez and Chris!!! Mass incarceration and murder/ welfare/ breaking up of the family unit is modern day slavery for African Americans! We all have problems as every race but I am speaking for my culture! We need to keep communication going even if we disagree and unity is key!!! Knowledge is POWER!!!

  40. This episode was awesome!! One of the best episodes 👏

  41. You hear more about failures in public, I think, is rooted in you learn more from the failures than you do from success, but at the same time I do understand being uplifting.

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