The NEW Way to Do Coupon Arbitrage on Amazon [Reselling Coupon Code Products]

The NEW Way to Do Coupon Arbitrage on Amazon [Reselling Coupon Code Products]

Today we’re going to cover the new way to do coupon arbitrage on Amazon where you can still make great money reselling amazon coupon products, but you don’t run any of the old risks (like IP claims, Copyright claims, tradmark claims, etc…)

So, coupon arbitrage on amazon, for those of you that don’t know, used to involve buying amazon products from coupon sites (like zondeals in this tutorial). It was easy to resell them & extremely profitable because you were getting brand new full price amazon products for less than $1 (usually) with coupon codes.

Then you would resell those amazon products back on amazon under that same exact listing at full retail price & profit off the mark up.

This online arbitrage business model was profitable, easy to scale, & super easy for anyone to get into because you didn’t need to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. On top of that, you could leverage amazon’s distribution by shipping into Amazon FBA so you didn’t have to do any of the work.

More over, you could get a sale quickly by hopping on a listing that was already ranked & had a good best seller rank because it was already showing up in amazon search results under popular keywords. Needless to say, it was a great great great business model.

That said, it’s no longer as lucrative as it was before, nor is it as safe for your seller account. Private Label sellers on amazon have adjusted by understanding that because amazon is customer obsessed, they could simply become a “customer” of yours, then report your listing/product as inauthentic &/or file an IP claim or inauthentic claim against your seller account. There are certainly ways to deal with those claims & protect your account (see the video linked at the bottom of the description for more detail), that said it’s simply not worth the hassle of reselling them back on amazon now…especially if you’re also focused on selling other forms of arbitrage & scaling up your amazon sales (because you run the risk of stranding inventory if your account gets temporarily suspended).

Why am I telling you this?

Because now there’s a different approach I’d like to share with you using those same exact coupon sites.

Today I’ll run you through a tutorial using zondeals (an amazon coupon code site where private label sellers like their products & offer coupon codes for buyers in order to get sales & potentially reviews to rank their products). We’ll use this site to make money reselling, but not back on amazon. This video will show you exactly how.

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  1. zondeals TOS says you can't resell, can't get more than one per day, not more than one account per household. How do you set up multiple accounts? Clean your cookies everytime? Use different cpu? How do you get more than one product shipped to the same address?
    Great content. You are subscribed!

  2. Great stuff bro 🙌🏽 definitely not worth the IP claims on Amazon but definitely worth an extra hundred bucks per month on other platforms 💵

  3. Hi Bryan. On the shirt you said you would resell does it usually have a set size to buy or do you make a choice of the size of the shirt to buy?

  4. Great video, you can take what you said right to the bank no pun intended

  5. Do you check comps on Posh, Mercari etc. before purchasing these coupon products?

  6. Very nice man, follow you from algeria. Africa

  7. How do you ship the products to the poshmark and mercari customers?

  8. Sir Can you explain proxy selling on amazon or if you did before please give me link thanks

  9. Hey, Bryan great content as usual. Is there a way to see what is currently selling on Mercari and Poshmark? Thanks Have a Merry Christmas.

  10. Great video love how you leave very good details in the description

  11. How much profit can you make if you do OA arbitrage realistically per month?

  12. Hey Bryan, good stuff. I'm always confused why Amazon leaves the"have one to sell" button on listings but then an IP claim can ban you.

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