The Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts I Use On Social Media To Get More Sales & Teammates

The Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts I Use On Social Media To Get More Sales & Teammates

The Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts I Use On Social Media To Get More Sales & Teammates ***Download My Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts Swipe File Here:

Would you be interested in accessing my Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts that will help maximize your prospecting and recruiting efforts?

Then you’re in luck.

My Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts will help you prospect and recruit Like A Boss!

In this Episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I’m going to share with you some of my best Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts that I use with new prospects and have gotten me great results.

I’ll also show you HOW and WHEN I use them so you get more sales and sign ups…

***Download My Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts Swipe File Here:

📝 Show Notes and Resources mentioned in the video

💎My Facebook Recruiting Secret – How I Used Facebook Messenger To Enroll 52 New Teammates Last Month –

🔶Mark Harbert’s On Demand Messenger Revolution Training –

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to use Facebook Messenger Bots to help you build your Brand and Business, this training is jam packed with strategy and ideas to help you keep your pipeline full of interested prospects.

Imagine, never running out of customers and being able to build a list of people that you can re- market to and communicate with, on-demand, when you have specials and promos that come up. The possibilities are endless with this tool and strategy in your world.

🖥The Ultimate Branding Blueprint –

This is my signature course when it comes to building a Influential Brand Online that attracts leads and sales for your business.

⏰60 min Enrollment Method –

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own Sales Webinar for your Network Marketing products or business, this is a great free training that you can check our by my good friend Kate McShea. Kate is one of the best trainers I know and she can definitely help you to craft your own presentation AND put it on Autopilot for your business.

📕Get Over Your Damn Self (Book) – Romi Neustadt

The No B.S. Blueprint to building a life changing business. This is one of the best books I’ve read when it comes to learning how to talk to prospects and transition the conversations, naturally, into business. I bought the audio book, listened to it twice, then bought the paperback because I wanted to highlight the scripts she gives… they are THAT good.

This is a book that I highly recommend everyone in Network Marketing to get. For the guys… this is a really feminine read, but still highly worth it.

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About this video: In this episode I share my best prospecting strategies & network marketing prospecting scripts. Prospecting tips are going to help you with the network marketing invitation and make you a master in the art of invitation in network marketing. These network marketing invite scripts will sync well with these network marketing invitation tips. I encourage you to learn how to invite strangers in network marketing in your social media prospecting. How to invite prospects in network marketing & how to invite in network marketing isn’t rocket science. But some people aren’t sure how to invite people in network marketing or how to invite friends in network marketing because they lack the best prospecting tips and network marketing closing tips. If you learn with my network marketing follow up scripts this prospecting training will help you/ These network marketing recruiting tips and network marketing prospecting tips will help your prospecting in network marketing. Use these network marketing scripts with your team and create some of your own network marketing recruiting scripts as well.


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  2. Tanya Aliza is AMAZING! I've been learning so much and it has empowered me to start my youtube channel and I have been loading my own videos for the very first time on a consistent basis — EEEKKK. All Thanks to TANYA!!! I have a new schedule and now i'm posting up to 3 new videos each week. Any support is always appreciated as I'm starting out on feedback.

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