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The NBA Players Have More Leverage Than You Think | GaryVee Q&A at IHOP in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The NBA Players Have More Leverage Than You Think | GaryVee Q&A at IHOP in Minneapolis, Minnesota

There are a few key points that I really try to hit on during this Q&A session at iHop… I think that the college debt crisis is just around the corner, yet people that are already in debt are taking out loans to buy dumb shit to hide their insecurities. I really think that the NBA has a shot of going out of business as a result of players having all of the leverage and wanting to cut out the middleman. And lastly, once people realize how insane the opportunity is to work for someone like myself, like Mark Cuban, like Tim Ferriss, or like Jeff Bezos, people will actually pay to work for them because of what it does for their careers…

Anyways, let me know what you think the most insightful part of this Q&A was. If I don’t get a chance to respond to you guys, my team (Team GaryVee) certainly will. Remember, your comments are my oxygen!!!

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23 thoughts on “The NBA Players Have More Leverage Than You Think | GaryVee Q&A at IHOP in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  1. Finances, NBA leverage, and Super Bowl spots. All true within two years. That's truth!

  2. Playoff are cancelled as of today AUG 26, WHY? Because: "The NBA Players Have More Leverage Than You Think" , THIS MAN IS A SAGE!!!

  3. This is relevant to today….May 31, 2020.

  4. Too many producers but they also have an advantage on rapping. They way the game is right now.

  5. Don't stress over things you can't control. Straight jewel! Thanks Gary.

  6. I have to watch this a few times because there so much to it, it's awesome ?


  8. That’s awesome to hear Gary!! I own a basketball team in the American Basketball Association and can see the shift in sports especially basketball! I just started reading Crushing it and taking action! 122 pages in and it’s moved me to start cranking up my personal brand and daily vlog. Thanks player

  9. I'm loving it. Just soaking up your advice. Gary seriously thank you for your time, knowledge, wisdom and the heart you put into everything you do.

    The guy who was talking about his "WordPress Alternative" built from the ground up using BootStrap do you know what his company is or know what his product is called?

  10. “Get as close as you can to the sun.” ~Gary Vee That’s brilliant! I have had some of the best interns do just that for my company and they have gone on to work for some amazing companies and do BIG things, even personal brand things for themselves with IG followings of more than a million. They did the work! This is great advice for everyone.

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  12. That is exactly it…"keyboard warriors."

  13. Infrared black and white? . ??
    'Get close 2 the Sun' .. or become it. ?

  14. Good I hope these overpayed ingrate nba players do walk out.. Then the NBA collapses and and better programming will take its place.. like motocross or skateboarding or even Olympic curling.?️‍???

  15. So true. Always working on the attention. Thanks Gary

  16. I go back and forth on whether I like Gary V or can’t stand to listen to him. Sometimes it feels like he’s just free balling. The first half of this wasn’t good but that second half tho: Good stuff!

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