THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS – Powerful Motivational Video for Success

THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS - Powerful Motivational Video for Success

THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS: Eye Opening Advice from Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Kiyosaki Will Change Your Life! (I’m Speechless!)

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Grant Cardone

Robert Kiyosaki

Gary Vaynerchuk
2nd YouTube:

Andreas Antonopoulos

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26 Thoughts to “THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS – Powerful Motivational Video for Success”

  1. “Money has no value. Money is a vector for transmitting Value!!!!! “🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  2. You can accomplish this by the way you are doing it in the future but you have a challenge to get the best of the way to do it again naturally and then you can do something that seems like a great idea for the world to do this to you and you will have a challenge with your work and you will be able to do this with your own business in order for the next step in the process of getting it done in the next two or three yes and then you have a new one of them and you can. You can. You can U Can

  3. False. Owning property is how you can make BILLIONS. Boo this man.

  4. 'I want to build the biggest building in town by building the biggest building in town. Others want to do it by tearing everyone else's building down'. Gary V spitting pure facts.

  5. While there are some good comments here, many of them are rich people talking out of their asses; "Invest in your brand"? Dude, I work two jobs to pay the mortgage and save for college for my kids…What 'brand' am I supposed to invest in, exactly?

  6. Which programs is that Grand Cordon giving interview at????

  7. My dumb ass just bought a house
    Ugh why did I see this before lol

  8. I’m 56 and still starting 🔥
    Spirituality = mistakes in actions, learning to succeed

  9. Don’t buy a house?….. goodbye you lost me there

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  11. I only make 25 thousand a year. I've saved up 50 thousand and my life is fabulous. I don't eat out cuz I hate restaurants, I do what I love, and I am not stressed out at all, I drive a boring car, and I live in a small house, AND I WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING! I know people who make 10 times what I make and they are fucking miserable. HA!
    Now, to be clear, I wasted much of my life being miserable, but I've learned that less is more and none of all that "stuff" we think we need makes us happy. Btw, I'm 56.

  12. Life begins at 40 ,,right ? Or maybe to some of us

  13. All these videos, all the same, money money money, it's all about the money. Take your billions and buy some extra time when you are on you deathbed or ask Mr Jobs he could buy almost anything, except what really counts, deep personal relationships/health, happiness. So Know your value and give it away!
    I genuine heartfelt smile from a previous loved one='priceless, it can not be brought!!!!I've ' never been financially rich and I've always been content and happy. It's not what you have, it's what you give
    So, what is your impact on others lives. If you are truly happy with who you are, then you have done better than all these billionaires. We live, we die, that's it, nothing more to it.
    Show me the……………..impact!

  14. I find it contradicting that Grant is talking about not investing in real estate but meanwhile he has a book titled “how to create wealth investing in real estate”.

  15. Lots of successful and or very rich people were always told they wouldn’t didn’t have many pole whom believed in them, so do what they did don’t give up!

  16. This dude going on about houses obviously hasn't seen the Seattle housing market in the last 15 years…

  17. Sorry, but houses do make you money if you buy right. Renting is a mugs game. Just think about it. Renting – and you pay to live in someone else’s house paying their rent mortgage for them – You leave with nothing. If you buy right you can make big profits. To pay to live in your own house, paying your own mortgage not someone else’s. When you move you make a sale and take the profit with you…. people who loose at this game are doing it wrong with a greedy and shallow mindset, but do it right and buy your home is definitely the way to go. I know. I’ve done a few times and always made big profit… I may not do with the one I am in now… not the best move, but looking at other ways to do business with a passion of mine within it.

  18. Money does go to homes. “Airbnb “

  19. Great video, learned a lot as a millennial 👍🏽

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