The GaryVee Content Model 2.0 | Clouds and Dirt Challenge

The GaryVee Content Model 2.0 | Clouds and Dirt Challenge

When it comes to content, knowing what to do is vastly different from actually making it happen.

I launched the GaryVee Content Model 2.0 as a project to help 4Ds alumni after they finished the 4Ds program at VaynerMedia.

Here’s the story: After 4Ds, I spoke to a number of business owners who felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how to use what they learned from Gary Vee for their business.

They had just consulted with one of the top marketing experts in the world — but had no idea how to start implementing his advice.

And I started to see this across the internet as well. Tons of people post about “crushing it” and “hustling,” but very few actually create content that aligns with their goals or pushes them forward.

So I created the GaryVee Content Model 2.0 to help you turn what you know in theory into a repeatable, highly effective practice.

Here’s how it works:
First, you’ll learn how to create, record, and distribute highly strategic, goal-oriented content. Our built-in feedback system will help you turn your ideas into content that moves you closer to achieving your goals.

So instead of saying “I should start a podcast,” we start by helping you plan out the why behind your content:
Do you want to position yourself as an authority?
Are you trying to go for maximum impact with a new idea or methodology?
Are you trying to gain brand awareness?

Afterwards, we create a training schedule that allows you to be a host in different styles (talk show, street reporter, etc) to find the optimal setup that works best for you and your team.

If you’re looking for the shortest distance between content confusion and achieving your biggest content goals, the GaryVee Content Model 2.0 is for you.

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