The Gary Vee Experiment I Ep 6 I Thank You DROCK!

The Gary Vee Experiment I Ep 6 I Thank You DROCK!

In this episode, we are trying to DM people on Instagram to collaborate with them so that we can find Gary Vee’s attention.


Short description: Hey Gary! See you on July 13th in Kuala Lumpur (hopefully)

Longer Story: We @Storytellrs believe that everybody has amazing stories to tell, and this is ours. Two years ago we quit our jobs, left our comfort zone to follow our dreams. During the same time, we started following Gary Vee on social media, who we believe can see into the future. He fastly became our compass in this noisy world and his guidance have taken us to Malaysia, one of the fastest growing countries in South-East Asia. We arrived here last September and started instantly to apply The Grind and The Hustle. At the beginning of December, we had the most viral music video in Malaysia. As we speak our latest three music videos productions have over 28 million views on youtube, we want to build a unique community for entrepreneurs and launch our first creative agency called Storytellrs Malaysia. We are very grateful and appreciate the love that we have received from this beautiful country. On this long journey, we have had Gary Vee as our coach Carter, pushing us whenever we felt down or didn’t see a way out. That’s why we would love to give our mentor Gary Vee a unique experience when he will visit Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur on the 13th of July. We also believe in the power of social media reaching the masses!

Let’s scream really loud so that Gary Vee hears this invitation.
#thegaryveeexperiment #wewillfindaway #neverstoptrying #GaryVee

Godspeed & @iamsergiuchirau

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