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The BEST Tools & Software for Your Marketing Agency

The BEST Tools & Software for Your Marketing Agency

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Are you an entrepreneur? Then you may know that tools are essential to running a smooth business. Today, CE will be going over the top tools in 2019 for your marketing business.

Customer Relationship Management

Social Media Marketing

SEO Tools:
-Screaming Frog SEO
-Google Keyword Planner

Dashboard & Analytics
-Google Analytics

Project and Team Management.

Video Document/Blog Article

Passive Income Ideas for 2019
How to Get SMMA Clients in 2019
YouTube SEO in 2019

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31 thoughts on “The BEST Tools & Software for Your Marketing Agency

  1. Hi Jordan! Thank you for the great informative video. What software do you recommend for keeping a contact base of influencers and journalists that you can reach on behalf of your clients?

  2. What did you upgrade from Asana to?

  3. Hey guys I have a question, do you recommend the use of 2 different or 3 different softwares? or there is one of them out there that does everything we need?

  4. Hi Jordan, Thank you for your video. I'm now opening my new company. Can you recommend any software to build my Tours? I will work in the Travel business and have lots of suppliers. I want to include Bus, Guide, Entrance fees, Restaurants, Experiences, etc. Is there something better than Excel for my case? It should be easy to customise.

  5. I recommend airtable

    It's a spreadsheet but much more user friendly and powerful

  6. Awsome video…can u please the music 0:01

  7. I don't comment usually but this guy is really cool. Not another "guru" trying to sell obvious knowhow. His material is really pro and he shares great knowledge and things that really value. Thanks!

  8. what project management tool are you upgrading to ?

  9. What would you recommend for web design services for a word press site?

  10. Marketing automation is very important especially for a small business. It helps in automating routine, repetitive marketing tasks so that marketeers can focus on higher order tasks. Automation platforms promise a lot but it's just a few that are really able to deliver. We have been using https://leadmi.io/ since a while now and we're so glad we chose this automation tool. Just giving them shoutout coz they deserve it!

  11. Utilizing these 10 tools creates a strong impression of a marketing agency on top of its game. https://youtu.be/f1aEHx1O23w

  12. Another really useful video Jordan thank you -Came here to learn what task-based software other agencies are using – so using Asana, but also now using the SEO and spelling software you recommend! Cheers buddy 🙂

  13. A nice, complete, detailed video! I want to know your professional opinion on eClincher, if you're willing to share :D. And if anyone else from the comments has some experience with it. I heard it's among the best because of the engagement properties and cause it has more features than any?

  14. Hey Jordan, do you use a software for keeping track of book keeping? im looking for something that automatically plugs to other softwares such as stripe or business card etc

  15. Hi Jordan, I have just started and close to get my first client, which is the ONE social media marketing tool you would recommend? I would prefer the one which is free but open to spend a little if that tool if you recommend.
    Thanks for your guidance Jordan!

  16. I am breaking up with Gary Vee – cuz I am loving Jordan value

  17. Good stuff man. Seriously considering your course to start a second complimentary business

  18. Your content is unbelievable…I feel almost obligated to buy your course 😀

  19. So as someone who is just starting out, how many of these should I be using? It's only me and one other person? Sorry if this question is too general.

  20. Dope bro! But doesn’t asana do the same thing as slack for team communication?

  21. Hey Jordan, absolutely a wonderful place to get great information, I'm starting a marketing and video agency your info is Awesome. I looked at ClickFunels, but I came across Kartra and it is a really great platform it offers a complete true all-in-one business platform at a good price. So glad I found your site Many Thanks and please Live Life On Purpose*****

  22. thank you for all of the great info! I need to take notes?✏?

  23. I wanted to know your hiring process for:
    Project manager and marketing strategist/seo guy. Project manager because he has to handle people and look after getting things done. Seo because he needs to do competitor analysis and implemet better changes on our website

    Last one is the sales rep.

  24. Hey Jordan. I got 5 leads after running an Fb Ad for a few hours. Is that good or average?

  25. When you outsource video editing or photo, or any other skills how do you facilitate handling the quality they provide? Or with video editing how do you tell the editor exactly how you want the video to come out? Thank you

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