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40 thoughts on “Tea with GaryVee 031 – Friday 9:00am ET | 5-8-2020

  1. yo Gary Vee!!! I got a real life drama just happened 2 me. Yo my ex dumped me to go be with a $140 million lottery winner's brother. I'm devastated, her last words 2 me over the phone was I"M SO HAPPY NOW. click. shyt made me so sicc 2 my stomach. we were so close. I'm so numb all week it's crazy. what to do now my goons?


  3. You will teach your kids how do go after their passion by going after yours!

  4. Dkhrysthine! Maybe work in a call centre.? They will allow you to work from home.

  5. This is my favorite Tea with GaryVee so far!

  6. Practice abundance! Review your feeling around money and practice changing your beliefs

  7. Really like Tea with Gary Vee

  8. That dee designs call is a tear jerker. Thanks Gary. All my road rage gone in one tea with GaryVee session.

  9. DM

    Gary's a superhero.

  10. Lol. “Alright Justin!” Poor @dustinnotjustin.

  11. Gary you're such an inspiration, I started following your instagram marketing advice by using Igrocket com to boost my followers and WOW I have nearly doubled the amount of leads to my Etsy page..

  12. What about protecting yourself when exposing your shadow? How do you do that?

  13. Dustin: greatest show on earth. Definitely.

  14. Gary. Your kindness and support are BIG! You are changing the world!!!

  15. Early rise and ready to grind. ty for the energy Gary!

  16. Excelente charla Gary! ?
    Máquina! ???? Me inspiras cada día para seguir adelante con mi canal! ?

  17. Loved the insights on the music industry in the beginning of this episode! Super fascinating.

  18. I have learnt more from Gary than my entire college teachers combined . ?

  19. TEA WITH GARYVEE HAS TO CONTINUE BRO… It all happened and was created for a reason. KEEP IT GOING.

  20. "I hear you, I'm just not listening" – the best response to the haters and the lovers.

  21. Ayyyyy let’s go. I’m team flawless for life. This amazing god bless you guys. Stay safe

  22. Who read this i wish a happy life!

  23. Please, please, please! Never stop this show. It's so ridiculously valuable. I'm literally crying, taking notes, sending DMs, cheering. This is Ask Garyvee 2.0

  24. Good stuff to the mommies for mother's day…..

  25. Attention arbitrage is such a fascinating game. On what platforms is the ratio of attention to content creators through the roof? LinkedIn, TikTok, ???

  26. Another great episode in the books!? I can't believe people on here are still sleeping on TikTok ?. If you start a TikTok for your channel or business today you can be at 1K+ followers by next month.? STOP ? overthinking things and START ? putting out content!
    Good luck to all the new creators starting something new today! ???

  27. Monetizing creativity is definitely an area I've struggled with. How to appropriately price something, and once that's achieved actually keeping the ball rolling, client wise. I've had alot of ups and downs with these two things for years.

  28. Conditioning is the hardest to break but consistency is a key to break that chain.

  29. Best show on the earth my brother

  30. It's a great show, talking with real people and real problems.

  31. 13:45 like switching categories on twitch, lol ?? am i right ?

  32. I want only good things for Dustin. If anything bad happens to Dustin I will fight it myself. Period.

  33. I hope he doesn’t stop doing this after covid19 lockdown stuff

  34. We need Tea with Garyvee post covid

  35. You could do TGV (Tea with GaryVee), once a week post-covid

  36. Go Felipe from Norway ??
    Awsome chat, you have so much good going for you. Hit me up if you want to connect.

  37. Garyvee is so inspiring! I would hands down still be thinking about doing my podcast and not doing anything about it if it wasn't for him! I just launched the first episode 10 minutes ago in a new series of my Geek Responsibly Podcast!
    I have been wanting to do this concept for over 2 years! I was too scared and allowed others to tell me it was not a good idea!
    He finally, with repetitively telling all of us not to care what others think, got through my thick skull to just do it for myself and my own happiness!
    So, follow his advice to the best of your abilities, be kind to yourself and just do it!
    I believe in you.

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