SUPER EASY Way to Make Money Online 2020 (Amazon to eBay)

SUPER EASY Way to Make Money Online 2020 (Amazon to eBay)

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Hey whats up welcome to crushing it in 2020! The more ways to bank the better, thats where I bring in a new method to be running on the side whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, or are looking how to get your foot in the door selling online.

This is a quick and easy venture which doesn’t require a whole lot of capital and can be run all year where you are able to capture deals and flip them from Amazon at a super low price and then hustle them high on eBay. One thing I must mention is to NEVER sell these back on Amazon as this will lead to IP complaints which will lead to your account being shutdown.

The thing I love about this method is the simplicity as well as the margin for profit, there is usually a lot of meat left on the table thanks to the coupon deals coming from Amazon.

Key points of the video are really simple.
1. Look for super cheap deals on the following sites:,,, We look for huge gaps in price so usually above the 60% mark which can lead to a huge discount for a nice brand new product.
2. We look to validate the product on eBay using the best keywords. So we search through all the sites and look for the products that 1. create a profit and 2. are selling well enough to where we can bring in a sale from listing.
3. We simply list from another eBay listing and sell the unit.
4. Track the profits and rinse and repeat

This method really is super simple and easy way to make money online in 2020 and can help to bring in extra money to start a new revenue stream OR to help build up capital to get into another venture like Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage or Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage.

The best items to look for like covered in the video are toothbrush heads, supplements, beauty creams, and then finally the random items which are plentiful on the sites. There are a ton of opportunities to capitalize on.


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