Step-by-Step 2019: How to Sell Merchant Fulfilled from Listed Packed Shipped! Amazon FBM

Step-by-Step 2019: How to Sell Merchant Fulfilled from Listed Packed Shipped! Amazon FBM

Materials Used:
Shipping Scale:
Shipping Poly Bag 13×10:
Clear Poly Bag + Suffocation Warning:

Start Selling on Apply for the free “Individual Selling Plan”. Don’t pay for the $40 Professional Plan yet 🙂

—-Instruments I personally use —–

Mile Tracking Sheet for tax deduction:

Bluetooth scanner for quicker sourcing:

Thermal Printer For FNSKU (Book Labels) and Shipping Labels

MSKUs Thermal Labels for Covering Books Barcodes (1 inch x 2 5/8 inches)

Free Shipping Labels from UPS. Need to make a free account.

PolyBag for protecting books/eBay clothing too (with suffocation warning, A MUST)

Scottie Peelers to remove price stickers quicker:

Scoutly for quicker book buying research:

Go Pro Hero 7 Black (thrifting vlog camera):

Some of the links above are affiliates and if used this channel will make a small commission. The items I use don’t cost any extra when purchasing from these links, 10% of net proceeds will benefit victims of natural disasters. Let me know if you use any of the amazon links for a WALL SHOUTOUT!

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Send me a DM for specific questions. I will get back to you on my study breaks or sourcing breaks. My Instagram is @four_eyed_hustler

Thanks again! Hustle Mode ON!

Paulo the “4 Eyed Hustler”
God Bless! Do these keywords even work?

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6 Thoughts to “Step-by-Step 2019: How to Sell Merchant Fulfilled from Listed Packed Shipped! Amazon FBM”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Hi , can you explain the shipping credit ? I am receiving mixed information regarding that . If I offer free shipping as a pro seller do I receive a shipping credit ? Or do I only receive that if I am a individual seller ? Or do I only receive it if I charge the customer shipping ?

    Hence , my confusion because I’ve seen these 3 different responses lol .

    Thanks in advance 😊

  3. Thanks for the great video man!!!!

  4. Wow, I hadn't seen a how-to video that's so clear on the FBM process, so thank you! Gosh, they sure do take a chunk, what like 20%? I like that you left the part in where the package falls on the street LOL!! Hustle mode on for sure!

  5. FBM seems a lot easier 🙂

  6. Great tutorial Paul. Most of my items are FBM

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