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What’s going on everyone! In this video, we’ll go over HOW to start a Shopify store selling personalized products.Nowadays, when it comes to selling online, it’s all about grabbing attention. And there’s no better way to do that than with personalization!

This is a model we use with our main store, that’s done over $5 million in sales.

I recommend these 3 POD fulfillment centers: Printful, Gooten and Printify. Timely delivery and a very broad array of products that can be customized with ease. I’d also recommend checking out suppliers on Etsy! (untapped) Etsy is also a phenomenal product research platform when trying to find your winning product.

High ticket products, as we also talked about in the video, is your best-friend. Cases, blankets, canvases, posters,… just about anything but a t-shirt.

If you’re new to Print On Demand or just seeing it for the first time, I highly recommend the model when starting an eCommerce business! The barrier to entry is super low, great quality products and fast shipping.

Nowadays, consumers have come to expect a trustworthy brand if they’re going to pull out their credit card. POD gives you the ability to design your own products and give yourself a massive competitive edge.

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  1. fthey all charge 30+ for a good srtwork and then the product and the ad so idk if i will have a lot of profit:/

  2. What are your thoughts on the Pixels app? It's Fine Art America's Shopify POD app. I am giving it a shot for my art prints (using printify for phone cases and printful for apparel).

  3. I think you should explain some stuffs more in depth… Like the Google Ads, every accounts to make etc…

  4. I love this video, has come at the right time. Thank you!

  5. Amazing content!! So happy I stumbled upon this channel. Thank you for all the value you are sharing, by far one of the best E-commerce channels out there. Keep up the stellar work!

  6. This channel is like a fresh breath in the ecom scene love the personlised approach

  7. The art cost for that photo from Fiverr was 32 dollars?? So the cost would add up to almost 75$, which makes it really hard to get profitable, more like impossible to be. Anyway, it's great for example purposes. The design one should go with should be really cheap so not high quality or details…


  9. You have the stereotypical incel accent, its great haha. Where are you from? Btw amazing content here and editing wow

  10. So chris, when the customer uploads a file and its sent to the arist, then its shipped out, does all this happen SIMOTANEOUSLY? Or are you in the middle verifying each art work, sending him manually upload files… And all this stuff?

  11. Really like the section about email follow ups!

  12. This is a cool idea….just wondering: who on Fiverr can handle +/-50 orders per day?

  13. Chris you'll be big soon. I'm just here to capitalize big time on your information while its still low key lol.

  14. Unbelievable value in every video you make, glad I stumbled across your channel. QUICK QUESTION!

    I saw on either this video or a similar one that you bought on fiverr a custom product or add to cart page, how did you add this into shopify from fiverr?

  15. can you help me create a store that makes 15k in pure profit a month

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  19. your content quality is just another level

  20. Amazing info brother

    Where can i source good quality Tshirts everyone on ali express wants me to buy bulk and the quality is very low to

  21. I just finish your video and I'm shocked… 0.0 I mean. I try to sell differents dropshipping product. But they all ready sell by so many dropshippers before me. Your video inspire me! Thank you so much showing all the process!

  22. You inspired the shit out of me! Thank you so much for being so awesome and resourceful! You two are the best

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  25. Great video! Quick question, when should you start the Christmas marketing campaign for POD and when to end it? People buying would obviously want it before Christmas Eve, and I think printful etc shipping times take longer during holidays? Thx

  26. The value on your channel is amazing. First video, i'm subbed !

  27. Where do you print/schip from?

  28. Can you do a video on how to use the fulfillment POD centers and personalization apps combined to see how it works for custom products, you said its a manual process, but I'm so confused. Thanks in advance.

  29. Found it, Thanks Chris. Your videos are amazing, shout out to you and your girl.

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