Starting Facebook Ads in 2020 – Complete Launch Strategy + Retargeting (Shopify Dropshipping)

Starting Facebook Ads in 2020 - Complete Launch Strategy + Retargeting (Shopify Dropshipping)

πŸ”΄Facebook Ads 2020 – Complete Launch Strategy + Retargeting (Shopify Dropshipping) βœ…
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πŸ’° $430K in a Single Day | Shopify Dropshipping | Facebook Ad Strategy
πŸ‘ In this lesson, I provide a live view of my team and I generating over $400K in a single day on Black Friday. I reveal footage of my Facebook Ad Manager and Shopify’s to prove that these results are very real. A year ago, I hit $60K in a day for my first Black Friday as an eCommerce entrepreneur. Through a combination of effective Facebook Ad Strategy and email marketing, I was able to completely crush those results. At the end of the video, I break down the ad strategy that I used to generate these crazy results.
πŸ‘€ My name is Kevin Zhang and at age 23 , I started dropshipping and Facebook Ads with $3K in my bank account. A year later, I generated $20 Million in sales and built an organization with 50+ employees. I’ve spoken internationally at eCommerce conferences like Affiliate World and I am the youngest member of the Forbes Business Council.
I’m on a mission to change the world of eCommerce education by putting the fakes, scammers, and pretenders out of business for good.
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Ruan M. Marinho :
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πŸ’° How To Create A Facebook AD 2019 – From Start To Finish by Ruan M. Marinho
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31 Thoughts to “Starting Facebook Ads in 2020 – Complete Launch Strategy + Retargeting (Shopify Dropshipping)”

  1. I implemented your last video with photoshop into my thumbnails for my video ads. Back up to 3+ ROAS πŸ™‚

  2. Love your videos❀

  3. Yooo Kevin thank you for the great video. Question. Why is my ad set in learning phase? How long will it be in this phase?

  4. This was exactly what I needed. Thank You Kevin!πŸ”₯

  5. Implemented this strategy along with the previous videos on creative 2 days ago and today I made my very first sale. Thanks

  6. So much useful information for a newbie like me! Thanks, Kevin, keep up the good work

  7. what if your creatives to > MMA fighters? Is there any interest is calling this, I think it is more targeting? What do you guys think?

  8. The first time I watch 6 videos from the same person without stopping.
    IDK if you still have more secrets about your course but these tips a so so so so helpful.
    What you said about "don't ask for help until you put your best effort first". That was so Chinese

  9. Thanks for the 411 Kevin! love the real talk!

  10. Thumbs up, keep up to good work Kevin and the team. God bless you good people.

  11. Making my first sale

    Me : I’m not surprised motherfuckers

  12. do you have chinese channel?

  13. Hello, I would like to know which video I should start off?

  14. Man, I gotta say that Kevin is a wonderful teacher. He always explains the why's. Most gurus always proceed to tell you what to do, but never really explain the why's. Thank you Kevin for dropping gold content. The man is brutally honest and seems to want everyone to succeed. He gets down to business. Great video as usual!

  15. Is there a tutorial? I’m interested and curious.
    Thank you

  16. How long have you been dropshipping for? It's pretty obvious that you know your shit

  17. Has anyone used this startegy and got Succsess?

  18. Do you know why sometimes in audience insights that some of the common interest page likes don't show up when searching to detail target them in our campaigns?

  19. When trying to set a 4am EST start time for my ads – Facebook is telling me I can only control this when the campaign is set to a "lifetime budget." However at the Campaign level, "lifetime budget" is only available in a CBO campaign. What am I not seeing here?
    Kevin, thank you for the great content.

  20. His content is so good I donβ€˜t even want him to go viralπŸ˜‚ Get fuc*n up guys now itβ€˜s the time.

  21. Posting ads at 1200am uses the ad budget money more efficiently. I’d suggest doing that vs the 400am strategy

  22. i thought you're Chinese until you became not sure with "Tai Chi Chu'an" thing rofl

  23. I don't know if Kevin is real or hype.

  24. When does that final video come out Kevin ?

  25. How long do you run these ads for before you make a new campaign to target UK/CA/AU?

  26. So you mention to start ads at 4am Eastern time. Basically start your ads 4am for your local timezone? because if i started at 4am eastern on my ad account, it would be 9pm at night.. leaving only 3 hours to blow the budget lol

  27. bruh… who did you learn from on your way up?

  28. β€˜Don’t ask for help until you put your best effort first”
    I like that part that’s exactly Why I’m here.

  29. The only person that disliked this is the person that you told to take the time to put in the work and they didn't like that, lol.

  30. You should make a video about google ads

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