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29 Thoughts to “Spotify Music Promotion using Facebook Ads”

  1. Great content! Set up my first ad and its gaining lots of link clicks, but streams don't seem to be happening. Anything you recommend to change? Maybe landing page or conversions?

  2. Thanks a lot for the info! A conversion video would be awesome!!

  3. Great info man! Thank you!

  4. Hello! Great video. I did exactly as shown here. I have a wonderful 0.08 $ / click on facebook with only 1st world countries at 10 $/day. However, I don't see the streams going up. Is it because Spotify takes 24 hours to count the streams? Or simply because some bots kept clicking on my ad??? Probably will end up doing the conversion, but it's annoying that neither bandcamp nor spotify support facebook pixels… Thanks for answering.

  5. i've been following along while making my ad😂👍
    Around 12:48 For me there is another option below the maximum $1 spend. It asks me if I want impressions or link clicks (cpc) for when I get charged?

  6. Yesss bro how do you grow your playlists?

  7. Thank you very much for the great explanation. You rock! 🙂

  8. I don't understand the difference between the example you've shown (call to action "listen now" that links to Spotify) and the conversion campaign. I mean, both of them link to Spotify, right ?

  9. Can we use Facebook ads with a breakeven?

    I mean from Spotify stream revenue?

  10. Yeah man we need the video about conversion campaigns too ! Thank you 🙂

  11. Bro you’ve literally helped me sooooooo much. Made 2 ads today. I cannot wait to watch my streams increase

  12. Hi! When I tried running ads even if only for USA i got a big majority of bots only., not real people. Also, i wonder why i get so many clicks to my smart link but then so little clicks to the streaming service? What’s the reasoning of real people arriving to the smart link but not going to streaming?

  13. Don’t mix major time zone differences like US and U.K. in audiences. Ads are not delivered as well when you do this.

  14. You should definitely make a video about how to create a conversion ad!

  15. Great video Andrew,, broken down perfectly, do you have your own channel??

  16. Great video! What software are you using to edit your videos into the 9:16 format?

  17. Hi Andrew! Love your videos, just found you the other day and I've been nonstop going through your channel to learn. I would love to see a video talking about analyzing Facebook/Instagram analytics and how to tell how an ad is doing with regards to multiple variables. Hopefully that makes sense, keep it up!

  18. Hey would like to say thank you so much it is great to hear such amazing tips and tricks. Clears lot of things. Please keep making videos. And is it possible to survive off of Spotify and Apple music as a musician?

  19. Great video Andrew! How are the results compared to the investment? I mean it is great to have conversions, new fans and streams but the money spotify pays you back at least could cover the investment of the ads? Would you recommend this or other method to make a playlist more popular ?

  20. Sir pls one video for best distribution cd baby bs tune core vs distrokid which one is best

  21. A conversion video would be great! I didn’t think it was possible to track conversions on Spotify???

  22. Yes Please do conversions

  23. More videos like this please!
    Really like this guy 🤟🏽

  24. Please do the conversion tut thanks!!

  25. This is so important to me. I need to listen to it carefully when I finish my office job. Thank you bud 👍

  26. Hey everyone! Andrew from the video here. I'll be checking the comments regularly over the next week or so to answer any questions you have about this process!

    I know this stuff can be intimidating to learn, but I want to make it as easy as possible for you.

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