Speed Up Your WordPress Website in 1.5 Seconds Loading Speed (2019)

Page Speed is now a major ranking factor.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to Speed Up Your WordPress Website in 1.5 Seconds, step by step tutorial in Bangla.

After watching this video you will able to increase your website loading speed – Make Your WordPress Site Faster than your competitor.

Site loading speed is one of the major Google ranking factors. It means that faster sites now dominate search results. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s mean your site is slow. You probably going to lose your traffic and ranking.

Make sure your site is faster than your competitor.

It’s very easy to make your website faster than your competitor. You need a fast web hosting and when you install a theme, make sure your theme is lightweight.

And also important things are when you create a post, try to use small media in size.

Except that, You have to do some task to speed up your website.

Firstly, check your website loading speed and see how many seconds it takes to load. For test speed, here I used GTMetrix. It is one of the best and popular tools and it’s free.

After running a speed test on GTMetrix, it will show what to fix to get a good result.

For minify Javascript, CSS, and HTML, I install a caching plugin named WP Fastest Cache and Autoptimize.

And also you need to optimize your image. After completing this type of task, my site got extreme loading speed.

You can also do these tricks by yourself. If you do not you can hire me.

Here is the best WordPress Speed Optimization service you can check out: https://bit.ly/2IYpwSX

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